SDMB blocked at work

Is there any way to get around a block placed on accessing the SDMB?

I was reading SDMB for several months at work (Windows NT) at one of many computer terminals, and then one day I wasn’t allowed access anymore (someone didn’t like SDMB for some strange reason). I can log onto but it blocks me when I click on the message board link.

Is there a hacker’s trick to get around this? And what’s the risk I’ll be found out?

If I were you I’d drop it and log on from home. Someone is obviously watching what you’re doing online and continuing to surf at work is a good way to get fired.

Not that I’m saying you SHOULD be. If you get the work done I don’t see what the problem is. But you know how anal bosses are.

I would not recommend it, you have to remember that everything you do on the computer probably is traceable.

There are ways round it. There are also ways that a clued-up IT department can discover those tricks. I wouldn’t recommend the risk. You may be contravening your company’s employment terms, at best risking a warning and at worst (depending on what you’re browsing and for how long) getting the sack.

I’m sorry, but we will not help you bypass security.

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