The government hates the SDMB

At least my little part of it. They just installed a new firewall and now I can’t get the SDMB at work(along with alot of other stuff). Instead I have tofight through the crowd at the computer center at night. Guess I won’t be posting much. Damn, it’s not like I didn’t get my work done on time. :frowning:

Did I mention that the damn machine I have to use now is so slow I want to throw it out the window?

Is it worth asking your tech people to allow the SDMB through the firewall?

My work has a substantial firewall but the SDMB works fine.

Go back and look at the title. The operative word is “government”. The answer is no. :wink: For the record this wasn’t focused on me, alot of people are pissed off that their perfectly innocent websites are now blocked. It used to be they just punished those stupid enough to look at porn. BTW I can still get the homepage and read Cecil’s columns, I just can’t get the board.

From all I can tell, the SDMB hates the G’ment, so its even!

The “wanting” usually surpasses the “having”.

It’s probably the word “dope” that screwed you over.

There was another thread around here about someone who was in the same position (their new office firewall disabled access to the SDMB) and they explained it’s utility for his research to his IT guy and they restored it.

Of course, you are working for the government…

For what it’s worth, I’ve had Novell and WinXP questions from work answered on the SDMB.

But if you are at work shouldn’t you be working?

Do you think you should be paid to read and post here?

Of course I can’t at work, so it’s most likely envy speaking here.

But considering that when the Cisco guy was installing the new switches I worked 7:00 to 7:00, when I was the hardware guy not the Sys Admin I regularly came in at 7:30 to be sure the damn Compaq hadn’t crashed, I don’t take breaks since I don’t smoke anymore, my lunch is at the fate of who breaks what when…I think checking the board from time to time shouldn’t be a problem.
Oh yeah, I forgot the damn cell phone that’s on when I’m home. Got called at four fucking ante meredian once. Mama Plant had heart problems that week, and I injured myself getting to the phone.
(It was someone who thought they would leave me a message, but it sounds damn good.)

Besides, he may have used the 'net on lunch and breaks.

I don’t expect you to have been following my posts. I am a deployed National Guardsman. Through dumb luck I happen to be were I only have to do office work for the most part and I am in no danger of getting blown up. I work at least 6 days a week for at least 10 hours a day. I get all my work done well ahead of schedule and because of that I sometimes have some downtime in between. I’m not wasting any of the governments money, I get paid by the month and I don’t get overtime. I used to spend some of my downtime on the SDMB. Now I spend it feeling miserable for myself because I am away from my family. Somebody hold me.

No I am not being defensive.

I thought guardsmen were supposed to be defensive, by definition

I’ve actually found answers to work related problems here. Not often, but it can happen.