Blocking calls on cell

I blocked a caller on my cell a week or so ago. They can still leave voice mail. WTF. I wanted them to get a message advising I blocked them. Am I doing something wrong?

Android or iPhone?

iphone with AT&T

I have spent a lot of time looking for blockers. For cell phones, basically you get what the service offers you. Many services do not have blocking of any kind. There is at least one web site that summarizes what the major services offer although I no longer have that link.

Now if you are on a land line, the Digitone call blocker is the way to go.


“Block” is basically “send to voicemail”. I’ve often thought it’s odd that you can’t actually block or have the option to allow/disallow that caller into your voicemail. Some apps have stated it’s not possible, but as the suggestions tend to say, why not pickup/hangup, then they’re out.

The only reason I can sort of understand is because, typically, when you block someone, and they know they’re blocked, the’ll find another way to communicate with you. If they think you just pushed them to your VM, they’ll leave a message that you can delete. However, most unwanted calls for most people are junk, not stalkers.

Luckily, I’d guess that 90% of the calls I get, that I don’t pick up, leave a message. And the great majority of them are only a second or so. I can delete those without even listening to them. The other 10% is Purple Heart, who have no interest in not calling me.

My Google Pixel (Android) cell phone has a built in block feature. Just tap on a number that I received and an option to block/report the number appears. One tap and done. I have not had any of those calls go to voicemail (I’m on Verizon if it matters).

I do not have stalkers…just robocalls for various products. Thing is the robocallers cycle through numbers so I block one and they call the next day from another. Maddening (and I am on the do not call list which seems to do no good whatsoever).

I will say if you have a stalker-type calling repeatedly you can call your service provider and they will block the number on their end…won’t even go to your voicemail. Bit of a hassle but worth it in extreme cases.

Thanks everyone. Not a stalker, just a BIL who keeps calling after I told him not to. I guess it is better to know he called than have him seek me out in some other way as Joey P suggested.

Again thank you everyone for your replies.

I had a similar problem with an ex-girlfriend a few years back. Long story short call your provider and ask them to block the number. T-Mobile subscriber, but I imagine any of them can do it.

Of course, might not be a bad idea to report it to the police if it’s something you’re worried about.