iPhone blocked number. What does a caller/texter experience?

Longishstoryshort: I blocked someone on my iPhone. I am curious what he will experience if he calls or texts my number.

Longish story: [spoiler]I am a bit anal about keeping my number private. I do not give anyone my number without explaining this in exquisite detail. So, I gave my number to an acquaintance, “Joe”.

The other day I got a call from a woman who I didn’t know. I asked how she got my number and she told me Joe gave it to her. The woman had questions of a business nature. Joe could have given her my work number, or told her how to find it online, instead he felt it was ok to give my cell number out. I explained that I was not happy about Joe giving her my number without first speaking with me about it. I told her I would be blocking her number as well as Joe’s.

Now I’m wondering what message Joe will receive, assuming the woman doesn’t explain what happened. [/spoiler]

Blocked calls divert to voicemail after one ring (which you can access if you scroll all the way down on your voicemail page to Blocked Messages). Texts show as being delivered, but do not appear on the phone. There is no message to the party calling or texting that it has been blocked.

ETA: by “one ring,” I mean on the caller’s phone. Yours doesn’t ring.

Crap. I had hoped that the caller would be informed that they’ve been blocked.

Oh well.

Cell phone networks vary, as do phone models (e.g. iPhone vs. Android).

To get a definitive answer, it seems to me that it would be quite easy to block a number as a test (using a friend’s phone), and call or text your cell phone from that number.

Yeah, that was my first thought. Maybe I’ll do that anyway with my gf’s iPhone.

When the phone automatically goes to voicemail all the time, they will get the message pretty quickly.

Yeah, I’m speaking as far as the iPhone 6 goes, but I think I last checked it on iOS 8. But, yes, that’s exactly how I tested it a year or two ago. (And, for me, that’s perfect. I don’t particular care to inform callers that they’re blocked or not.)

If you want “Joe” to stop giving out your number you need to tell him you’re pissed that he gave it to that woman. Otherwise he’s going to assume he did something good. Or something at least OK. Even if you warned him in advance not to give it out.

The way you handle your cell phone is very, very unusual. You’re certainly welcome to run your life as you please. Just don’t be surprised when most folks you deal with forget (or ignore) your eccentricities.

Why am I reminded of Alice’s Restaurant?

Maybe we could start a movement.

(Actually, I can appreciate where the OP is coming from, but it’s basically hopeless - if you actually use your phone, the number will eventually get out of your control).

Now, people forwarding my email address to their entire address book… that’s a different story!

I believe I was blocked by a (former) friend. Long story. But we both had iPhones, and my texts would originally show as sent via iMessage, and would at some later point revert to showing as sent by SMS.

Just tested this calling my cell phone (iPhone 6+ on iOS 9.3) from my work phone after blocking the number. There wasn’t even one ring (to rule them all?) it went immediately to voicemail.

Don’t forget to unblock it afterwards. :wink:

Might be more convenient not to.

“I wasn’t ignoring you honey, I was doing an experiment on behalf of the Internet.”

Yeah, I realize I’m not average wrt my phone thing. And Joe knows. I gave him my number not long ago to facilitate a meet-up. I ranted for a good 15 minutes about how important it was to me that he not give out my number. He tried “talking some sense into me” about this, so at first I said just forget it. But then he relented.

If he ever talks to the woman again I’m sure she’ll mention it. I was pretty vitriolic speaking to her; told her Joe was dead to me. I was pissed.

I have other ways I can be contacted. I pay a receptionist at work to handle calls. I use an answering service for times my business is closed. All I ask is that my cell phone be kept pristine. Everyone I care to be in touch with understands this, except for Joe. And he is dead to me, so there!

I use my phone every day, though primarily for texting, but I have a block on caller ID.

A lot of friends have my number. I’d be willing to bet my car title that if we went down the list and had a stranger ask any of my friends for my number, not one of them would give it out, even if you feigned an emergency.

Then you are not really “using” your phone.

It’s just a texting device and an emergency backup. Once you start using it to take calls and conduct business, it’s hopeless.

I think second parties not giving out your number to third parties without your knowledge is not exactly “weird.” That’s basic phone number etiquette as I’ve been taught as a kid. If somebody asks me for a friend’s number, I will always confirm with that friend before giving it out. Is this an “eccentricity”? Or am I misunderstanding LSLGuy. I personally don’t really give a shit if someone gives out my phone number without me knowing, but I’d expect most people to be pissed if I did the same to them. Or, who knows, maybe etiquette has changed. Still, my response would not be necessarily to block Joe but to tell Joe to his face he’s an asshole for giving it out, especially after I told him not to. Actually, maybe I would block Joe, then.

Thanks. I’d happily give you my number. I just love knowing that when my phone rings (or more often vibrates) I’m going to look at the screen and see a name of someone I know.

Of course then, if it’s a call I let it go to VM, then I reply via text. Heh, maybe LSLGuy was on target.:wink:

I pay a butt load of money for my phone, and I use it for the purposes I bought it for. I use it for GPS and Pandora Radio while driving, as a communication device, as a minicomputer, an alarm clock, flashlight, calendar, notepad, Facebook checker, shopping assistant, need I go on?

I love my phone.:smiley:

Does he still get to visit your mother as long as she is living?

I feel for you, kayaker. I have no idea why others simply can’t respect one’s wishes. But I gotta say, I think the guy sadly gave a clue right off the bat that he had no intentions of doing what you asked when he tried to talk you out of your policy. :mad: I bet he thought he’d be the one to have done you such a good turn, that you’d see the light and then credit him with your change of heart.