Blocking Texts and Phone Calls: Does that person or company get notified their blocked?

I recently began receiving a text from a wrong number. The first time it included photos of two people from a fishing trip. I texted back asking who they were. Got a response addressing me as Charles.

I texted Not Me, back.

I got a couple more vacation? photos today.

I opened the text, pressed the three dots, details, block & report spam. I unchecked report spam and blocked. The message went into archive.

What happens if that number texts me again? Will they be notified it was blocked & rejected?

I’d hate for them to send more texts and not realize they were never received by their friend “Charles”. Whoever he is. :wink:

Not 100% sure, but they should get a notice that it was undeliverable. They won’t however be told why.

A Undeliverable message is good enough.

I’d hate for anyone to think I was ignoring a text, when it never came to my phone.

I really doubt that the sender gets any sort of notification that the message is blocked. I sent a text to my land line which cannot receive texts and I get no indication that there is any issue with the text.

I wasn’t sure if messaging is similar to email. Emails will bounce back if the address is wrong.

No an email will bounce back if an address is invalid at some server level. It won’t bounce back if I have a filter to immediately delete any email from that address.