Blog with RSS feed, how do people find it?

I’ve set up a blog on a customer’s website, and it has an RSS feed. They will be adding new entries to the blog weekly, or perhaps twice a week. The blog has general information related to the business they’re in, and sometimes links to products or other promotional content.

Obviously they can direct people to the blog and tell them about the RSS feed when they talk to them on the phone, they can put links on other pages on the website, put it in their magazine, other handouts and flyers, etc.

But I know there are places people look for blogs (and RSS feeds from blogs) on various topics. Not being a blog writer or reader myself, and having no athletic background at all, I have no idea where to start looking.

What are good ways to get the link to this blog and to it’s RSS feed in front of people? If it makes any difference, the business is athletic weight training, aimed mostly at athletes in high school sports programs such as football, basketball, baseball, tennis, gymnastics, etc.

So where and how do people promote a blog with RSS?

For pointing people who already use the site to the RSS feed: RSS autodiscovery

For catching the blogreading public: pinging RSS aggregators and RSS search engines.

I’ll check these out, thank you!

And in fact I was just looking at how to get the autodiscovery to work. Right now, IE7 doesn’t seem to recognize that there is an RSS link on the page. So that link should help solve that problem as well.