Blogamacate Me.

I was thinking about starting a blog, until I realized I really don’t know much about them. Sure, I read I Hate Music regularly, but other than that, I’m at a complete loss. Here are some main concerns and questions:

1)Where do I find sites that offer free weblogs?
2)Do I blog directly onto the previously mentioned site, or is it linked from my personal web page?
3)I would like to use a fairly simple format. I know very little html (basically only what’s on the SDMB), and I am willing to learn a little more, but not an entire language’s worth. The simpler, the better.
4)How do blogsites work? (ie, how do people come together on the blogsites? Are they just randomly on there or do the bloggers have similar interests? etc)
5)Ad-free is preferable, but not necessary.
6)Can I program how I want my blog to look?
7)Please, nothing where the majority of users speak like “OMG!!!That is 2C4W!!!Iha*^*vvvv!!!” I may be young, but I still speak English (supposedly, anyway).
8)How do people find blogs?

ANY information is happily welcomed. Obviously, I’m new to this entire thing. If you think blogging sucks, tell me why as well.

Hie thee to and get started for free. They’ve got answers to most of your questions as well.

I would recommend LiveJournal. It’s a good start for someone just starting out with blogging, since they walk you through everything. It’s also nice once you have slightly more experience, since you can change around the format of your blog. There’s all different types of people on there, and most of them are at least semi-intellegent. It’s nice to know some html, so you can bold and italicise and such, but it isn’t necissary. And, plus? If you e-mail me (I forget if the addy’s in my profile, but it’s teleute12 without the space), I can hook you up with a start-up code.

I’m sure that there are other sites that might be better, etc. - LiveJournal is just the only one I have experience with.

Ah, thank you guys. I think I’ll start with, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll get to you on the start-up code, ** teleute12 **.