Blonde or Blond?

Recently somebody stole the “e” from blonde. :confused:

Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and Doris Day were blondes. Any magazine or newspaper from the 1950’s and 60’s described them as blondes.

I often misread blond for bond. No kidding. I look for that “e” as a mental cue when I read.

Firefox’s spell check flags blonde. Word 2000 spellcheck accepts blonde.

What spelling do you use?
Blond is actually a male. Blonde is female.

wikipedia suggests the loss of the “e” is political correctness. :rolleyes:

Odd that they claim that blonde is sexist. No one took the “e” off brunette. :smiley:

I agree.

Signed blondebear, who put the “e” in by mistake when he registered. :smack:

Only a true blonde would spell ‘blonde’ ‘blond.’

I use “blonde” for women, “blond” for men.

Blonde for women, blond for men.

And sympathy for blondebear. :slight_smile: I’m sure the mods would let you lose your “E” if you asked nicely. But there’s always a possibility that you’re not even a bear, so why worry?

Men are blond; women are blonde. Men are brunet; women are brunette. Men are ginger; women are gingere.

Until they are all old, then they are grey and greye. Or bald and balde.

I agree with Ferret Herder and Celyn.

Sigmagirl, blonde

A blonde is a woman with blond hair. Men are blonds with blond hair.

I guess it’s mostly the news media that drops the “e”.

It sure looks weird to me.

This is the way I normally use it.

An engaged (heterosexual) couple might both have blond hair. In that case, her fiance is a blond, while his fiancee is a blonde.

Or they might not have blond hair: he might be a brunet, and she might be a brunette.

I assume “either” means “I know the difference”?

I answered “blonde” because, until this thread, that’s how I’ve always used it. I never knew about the gender distinction. Consider my ignorance fought.

Not being French, I see no need to specify gender in my adjectives. No e.

Never, ever heard of the gender distinction in the spelling before this moment.

You’re not Roman, either, but you specify case in your pronouns.

I never knew the gender difference either. I always used blonde all my life.

A few years ago I started seeing blond used in the news media and wondered why they misspelled it.

Wikipedia explained the gender difference. I was surprised.

The news media seems to use blond regardless of gender.

Not always, me don’t.

A blond man.
A blonde woman.

One of the few adjectives in the English language that still has grammatical gender.

Is that Chicago Manual of Style? I don’t have it in front of me, so I can’t check. Associate Press Style, though, says “blond” as an adjective in both cases, but “blond” for the male noun and “blonde” for the female noun.