Blood donation - CMV neg question

I donate blood frequently, and lately have been donating platelets (apheresis). The Red Cross has me on their speed dial, apparently because I have “CMV negative” blood. From what I understand, that means my blood does not have a common virus that is generally harmless in most people, but means a lot to babies and people with immune deficiency problems.

I presume that means that I have never been exposed to this virus. I’m 44 years old - does that mean I’m just lucky, or is something else happening here?

The real GQ here is - can this ever change for me? That is, could I “catch” CMV at some time in the future, and then forevermore not have this special blood feature?

According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, you could quite likely catch it, though not through any very casual method:

Oh, and I didn’t note that CMV = cytomegalovirus.