Do you know your blood type?

I don’t.

Should I?

Yes, for time of donating or receiving blood. Might help in a situation where you need blood urgently but it would take doctors too long to do the whole testing thing.

Somehow, my father was convinced (and therefore I believed him) that I was O-. It wasn’t until I donated blood in high school that I found out I was, in fact, A+. Thanks, dad!

Yes. If I forget, it is on my driver’s license.

I do, though I didn’t know it until I started donating blood, around a decade ago. (A+, I got the highest grade. :wink: )

O-negative is the universal donor. In an extreme emergency, that can be given without cross matching.

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Since this is more of an informal poll and an opinion thing, let’s move it to IMHO (from GQ).


Blood type is an opinion? :confused:

Mine is boring old O+. My father had a rare type.

If you need to find out, just go and donate blood. And remember you need to remind yourself of it twice a year.

I don’t know if donating my blood saved someone else’s life, but it probably saved mine.

Yes, I know my blood type from donating blood and platelets.

Do you know if you are CMV negative?

Was that because he’s O-? Do you know your mother’s blood type? Sorry, this just reminds me of some of the stories my Mom’s told us of being a nurse…

I believe my mom is A+ and my dad is O-.

I’m positive mine is B-positive. :slight_smile: I know mainly because I’m a regular donor of blood and platelets at my local blood center. And it is on my old dog tags. (And so is my social security number, not a good thing)

Another A+ here.

Yeah. I found out in high school science class and never forgot it. B+.

Whether you need to KNOW it or not is an opinion.

O- blood here.


Universal recipient, bitches!

“Do you know your blood type?” is basically an informal poll.

“Should I?” is asking opinions.