What is your blood type?

Humans have 8 distinct blood types, depending on your antigen and Rh factor. What type of blood do you have?

I am O+.


I found out in high school, only A+ I got.

My blood type is the same as my attitude: Be positive!

O (mumblegrumble somethingorother)

A negative, represent!

I’m B+ my mother was AB-

Wow - the rarest of the rare.

Yup thats me! :cool:


I believe I’m B+.
I know it’s a goofy wish, but I wish I was O, because then when I donated blood it could go to more people. Stupid, yes, I know.

I donate as frequently as possible (on forced hiatus due to a tattoo), so I’m pretty sure.

I am just finishing a job now in Italy, but when I worked in Asia on a similar job everyone had their blood group written on their overalls!

Until I was 18-19 and donated blood for the first time, everyone thought I was A+, just like my parents. It was a surprise to them when I found out I was A-.

For years my parents wondered how I was Rh-, while they were both A+. That is, until they had to take care of their parents, and discovered both of my grandfathers were A-.

Can someone tell me or direct me to a website telling me what people have what blood? Like for example, do all African Americans have a certain blood type, Latinos, Europeans, Asians? Is there such a thing to know that a certain ethnic group would mostly have the same blood type?

Oh, and I have A+ blood.

It’s not as simple as that, although Wikipedia tells me that blood type distribution does vary by ethnicity.

See: Blood type - Wikipedia

Im ABNEG, my Dad was ABNEG, my sister was ABNEG … sort of a familial trend going on :smiley:

I would donate now, but my meds prevent it :frowning:

mrAru is ONEG … they love it when he goes in to donate :smiley:

AB + here

Yay for being a universal acceptor! They can shove anything in me (in small quantities). On the reverse side, my blood can only be given to other AB+ people. I wonder how much of what I donate is wasted?

Me too, Tim R. Mortiss. I laughed like a drain when I found that out.

Total opposite for me… I’m O- which means I’m a universal doner. So anyone can have my blood, but I can only take O- (broadly speaking).

They always bite my hand off when I go to give blood 'cos they can always use a bit of O neg.

I know what type I am (O+), but my husband doesn’t. Is there a cheap, easy way to find out? I mean, I’m not gonna pay to send him to the doctor’s office where they’ll probably charge $200 just to find out what blood type he is. Should I just have him go donate blood? Would they tell him?