Blood in the eye

So I got into a little altercation during the week. I didn’t start it but I did get a mighty wallop to the side of my face. Opened up a nice cut under my eye. It was a sucker punch but I manged to get my bearings fast enough to give as good as I got. Regardless, I went to the ER and got the requisite stiches. An x-ray and CAT scan showed no damange to my orbital socket (no fracture etc.).

So I’ve taken a few digs in the past and I’ve never had major damage. My concern, however, is with the blood in the lower corner of my right eye. I’m presuming it’s a burst blood vessel and that I shouldn’t be worried. I’ve seen it before in other people, mostly through soccer injuries, but I am concerned now that it’s my issue.

Any thoughts on how long it takes to go away/clear up?

If it was me, I’d see a doctor, since I wouldn’t wanna be screwing around with my eyes, for godssakes.

If it is just a subconjunctival hemorrhage, it’ll go away by itself in about three weeks.

That is, if you’re assuming that that’s what it is.
Which I wouldn’t, personally, but YMMV.

Getting the stiches out on Thursday and the ER guys didn’t seem too concerned with it. Then again, the ER guys figured I wasn’t critical and just wanted to get me out of there. Thank goodness for good health insurance!

Thanks for the link. 3 weeks…damn that’s a lot of explanations in a lot of meetings!

Tell everyone you have been researching your family’s geneaology and turns out your grandmother was 1/4 vampire.

what is a garndmother?

I knew a guy that was in a small plane crash and hit his forehead on the instrument panel of the plane with some force. It broke enough blood vessels in his eye, that the white was totally blood red for several weeks.
When people saw him they tended to go :eek:
He wore his sunglasses a lot.

Did you win the fight? And yeah, see a doctor man!

Mostly, yes. Forced the situation to a standstill which was good. Busted his nose for sure and may have broken one of his fingers. Still, was a close run thing and I’m hurting for the experience.

Seeing the doc in a week so should be fine.

I ended up with almost half of one eye bloody. It took about two weeks for it to clear up. It looked better after only a few days, but was still very obvious.

Thanks. The link suggested the same but nice to read about someone who was similary afflicted.

I was wondering the same thing half a year ago.

How’d it start? I’m a sucker for a good story. :smiley:

I’ve had a similar thing happen to me. Thing was, I did it to myself! I was playing rugby, and dove for a tackle. I tried to wrap up, but only caught air. My arm had enough momentum that I poked myself in the eye with my own thumb! It was about 1/6 of the white in my eye, and went away in about two weeks.

How did it start?

Flirtatious woman. Me telling her boyfriend to fuck off.

Went outside as the bar closed no bother and next thing I know he’s squaring up to me.

This I can handle. Some drunk Lincoln Park yuppie isn’t going to last long. I ignore his assertions that I was trying to take his woman and try to walk away. He follows after me screaming. I turn back to him with my hands open and next thing I know his mate just smacks me from the side. Tears a welt out of my face and knocks me onto a car. I’m very much out of sorts. My friend jumps in the way and runs interference which basically saves me from being very badly beaten as this lad was coming for me.

So I get my bearings and go right for his knee. Take him out at the knee, grab him by the hair and put everything I have into a full knee to the face. I hear the crunch so I know his nose and maybe some teeth are gone. He starts flaling at me with his right hand (grabbed my nipple to be exact) so I try to break his fingers. I manage to break at least one (I think) and then he goes down. Before I can start kicking him in the body to end it, the original boyfriend hits me right in the back of the head. My friend is no fighter so he’s out of it. I’m on my knees from the blow and in trouble. I roll and do my best to get onto my feet expecting some kicks and/or punches. Fortunately nothing happens as his girlfriend or whatever she was gets in front of him.

I get up, see that his mate is in bits and no danger to anyone. My friend is ok but shaken so I decide to bolt before the police come.

Ugly and silly but all in all I was lucky. Really lucky.

4 stiches below the eye and one hell of a black eye and a bloody eye.

Still, would love to go back and finish off the git who started it.

Sorry about the rugby, sounds like a nasty injury!

Fucking dames, everytime.

(nice story)

Darnit, I miss fighting. It’s been too long. Good story. Glad it ended “well”

I don’t miss fighting. Has been a number of years since I was in a good one. This was a good one insofar as it was intense and noone had any weapons. Still, too old for this sort of thing.

When I was younger, I enjoyed the odd scrap. Still, I should have been smarter and not as over confident. I look like shite still!

It didn’t hurt any worse than any of the other bumps, scrapes, and bruises I’ve had.

Thanks for the story, glad you ended up in better shape than his friend. I’m sure he learned his lesson about jumping in and blindsiding somebody. The boyfriend probably will, soon.