Eye problem -- Medical

This morning I noticed a bright red splotch on my eyeball. It’s above and to the right of my iris. There’s no pain, and my vision seems to be normal. Is this serious? Should I schedule a visit to the Health Center, or will it go away in a few days? And also, what could have caused this? I don’t remember banging my eyeball against anything last night, could I have knuckled it in my sleep or something?

Maybe it’s subconjunctival hemorrhage.

You can read about it here.

Just for fun, this is the first site that came up when I Googled for “red spot on eyeball.”

Hmm… _____~

Thanks, Rysdad. It looks exactly like that picture (although it’s not all over like that). If it’s still around in two weeks, I’ll check it out with a doctor.