What's wrong with my eyeball?

This past Saturday was my birthday, so I had a nice sized party. I didn’t drink too much, but the combination of hard liquor, physical and mental exhaustion, and a very nice cigar left me more than drunk when I went into work the next morning, and more than hung over when I went back for my evening shift. Something I noticed during that second shift…

My left eyeball really hurts. It feels like someone just poked me in it really hard. And it’s felt that way for going on THREE DAYS now. It’s not the bone, it’s not the eyelid, it’s the ball. There’s no mark on it, no stye or big red blood spot in it, vision’s still good…so what the hell happened?

Have you ever had a migraine? The combination of liquor and a cigar will give me one every time. Sometimes it settles right behind my left eye, and definitely feels as though my eyeball hurts. And they certainly can last for three days.

Maybe you could try taking some Advil Migraine? If it doesn’t get better after that, I would definitely get to the doctor.

Is it bloodshot? Could be the onset of pinkeye or some kind of infection.

Could be conjunctivitis (pink eye) or some kind of corneal irritation.

Get to an eye doctor QUICK because the earlier they treat these things, the better. A simple infection can sometimes be cleared up yourself with over the counter stuff, but if it’s worsened, or if it’s viral or (keratitis?) that needs proper doc treatment.

Viral keratitis (which I had) feels like something in your eye, and a swollen feeling around it, sort of pressure, eyeball aching and you can get cold/flu like symptoms. Also photosensitivity (extreme intolerance to medium->bright light).

See, that’s the thing…looking at the eyeball, you can’t see anything wrong with it. No pink, no read, it’s not bloodshot, there’s not burst capilaries or anything. It just hurts. And it’s not on the pupil or anything, but in the white in the upper left hand corner of my eye. It’s just really wierd.

But thanks for the insight.