Blood pressure health question.

My blood pressure is lower in my left arm than it is in my right. According to this that’s not a good sign. It indicates a higher risk of heart disease.

However, my bp in both arms is still low. In the left arm it’s 101 over 56 and in the right arm it’s 117 over 68. I take atenolol for severe panic attacks and that has a bp lowering effect.

Just a few details. I’m 32, male, ex-smoker (11 year pack history, and I’m still a very occasional social smoker), not much exercise, average diet (some junk but not too much) no drugs and no alcohol ever, normal cholesterol.

So anyway, should I be worried? Cheers.

Mods: This is asking for medical advice and shouldn’t be in GQ.

If you are concerned you should talk to your primary care physician.

In your link, the relevant word is “could” as in “could signal trouble”. In fact, it is far more likely to be a normal variant than it is a sign of trouble, especially in a young, otherwise healthy individual.

A rule of thumb I was taught says that 20 percent of people have a between arms difference of 10 mm, and 10 percent have a 20 mm difference. In other words, there are millions of people with BPs that differ between their arms. On the other hand, occlusive atherosclerotic disease of the upper extremities manifesting as a difference in BP between the arms is actually pretty uncommon.

ETA - dolphinboy: JVDaly is hardly asking for advice, IMO. He is merely seeking clarification of the possible import of a common physical exam finding.