Blood pressure meds and skin issues

My skin issues (psoriases) has started about the same time as my switch to beta blockers.

I see from some simple Google searches that some cases have been suggested to it, though further research suggests it wasn’t.

Has anyone encountered this? It’s really no more than a mere annoyance. I’m wondering if anyone has dealt with this.

Seems strange that the two coincided.

Have them check your thyroid, some meds can cause a dip in your thyroid function. One of the signs that it may be your thyroid is itchy and patchy places on your skin, depression, tiredness, and diffuclty loosing weight.

According to WebMD, beta blockers may make you more sensitive to sunlight.

I take BBs, am light-skinned, and exercise outside quite a bit so I use sunscreen a lot.

They checked that last year (I’ve bet getting hot flashes too). Everything checked out fine.