Blood Pressure

How low is too low when it comes to blood pressure? I saw my doc last week for a physical, and I came out at 100/52, which he admitted is on the low side, but nothing to worry about.

So who’s got some expertise in this matter. And what the heck do systolic and diastolic really mean anyway (aside from being the high and low points of a pump)?

Are doctors looking at a range, the overall numbers, or what exactly?

See if this site has any information that helps:

The only time a low blood pressure is bad is if you’re not adequately perfusing all of your tissues (like in shock). Different people have different blood pressures, so if 100/52 is your normal pressure, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Generally, a systolic pressure of >90 will give you a radial pulse, a systolic of >70 will give you a femoral pulse, and >60 is required to give you a carotid pulse.

I hope this helps.

St. Urho

Well, Knead, that site only discusses high blood pressure (which seems typical of most searches I performed, hence the query here).

What’s the average person’s blood pressure? An athlete’s?

Try googling for “hypotension”. Here’s the Medline entry.

Sorry, I thought it addressed at least one of the questions you asked:

because that page says

I must have mis-read. My apologies.

For a healthy adult blood pressure should idealy be 120/80. When my Da had high blood pressure he was told to pay attention to the bottom number which was “good” when anywhere between 70 and 90. Over 90 was “frown” area and anything over 100 not good. Apart from that all I know is if the bottom number is over 120, lie down and call an ambulance because you’re about to have a stroke.