What does this mean - Blood Pressure Question

We had a heath fair at work today and were giving free blood pressure readings. Mine was 122/70 (122 systolic and 70 diastolic) which I was told was good. But what I want to know is how good is this? Is blood pressure a good measure of anything?

Some other things about me that might be relative. I am 25 years old, 5’10, about 175-180 pounds, 14.7% body fat, and I exercise regularly.

According to this site, blood pressure in the normal range means you are not at risk for a variety of health problems:

Low blood pressure can result in dizziness, cold extremities, etc., but I haven’t heard of it being as much a risk as high. It sounds like you are in good health overall.

-gigi, consistently high 90s over 60ish, IANAD