Blood Storage

A friend of mine in California was saying that because the planes are all grounded there’s no use for people on the West coast to give blood as their donations won’t make it to “the labs” in the requisite 72 hours and most of it will be junked. Am I crazy, or isn’t it true that blood only needs to be refrigerated and will keep for a considerable amount of time if refrigerated. Wouldn’t the Red Cross have trucks to carry it across country in 3-4 days. I would hope that the airlinies would be up, most likly, before the end of the week?
The real question - how do you store blood and how long does it last?

I’d say your friend’s just looking for an excuse. :wink:

It depends on whether it’s whole blood or just some of the components. I’m breezing through an on-line guide to blood collection and preparation, and they say that frozen blood can have a shelf life of up to 10 years! The blood has to be frozen at temperatures of at least 18 degrees below zero. Oops, I see Duck Duck Goose has beaten me with a better answer.

As for your friend, he’s nuts. Even with the airline shut down, products are moving across the country through other means. And the need for blood is going to far exceed the transportation slow down. Some of the victims of the disaster are going to need transfusions for many weeks afterwards, depending on their condition. Tell your friend to stop being a wussy.

That’s perfect info. I think he’s making an excuse too - although I really can’t imagine why? Thanks!

This was answered yesterday. Shelf Life of Human Blood

I didn’t think that question would be answered in that thread. I’m sorry - thanks!