Shelf Life of Human Blood

With all US flights grounded until 1200 EDT Wednesday, how many regions can reasonably be expected to be able to donate blood to NYC and DC? It takes a lot of driving to get even from the Mississippi River area to the East Coast, and the West Coast much, much farther away, assuming you are limited to ground transportation, as we now are. So how long does human blood last once it is removed from the body?

Things may work out differently but to the best of my knowledge…The blood that was donated and processed last week is being sent to NYC. Blood donated today will be used to replenish the local blood supply. Also, the blood dosent have to go all the way to NYC. Blood from Chicago could be sent to NYC, the blood from California could be sent to Chicago. Sort of a blood relay system. I have seen critically injured patients take up to 130+ units of blood so they are going to need a lot ofthe old ‘human juice.’

OTOH, being cold and honest they might not have the time and resources to ‘waste’ on people who are that critically injured. It is very likely that people who could be saved if they were the only seriously injured person will not make it because of a lack of resources.

I can’t remember exactly but blood is good for approx 35 days.

IIRC, the old standard was 21 days for refrigerated blood, although I’ve read just in the last week or two of a new technology that will allow blood to be stored for much longer.

Let’s try looking for some facts, folks. A quick visit to the American Red Cross reveals the following information:

There’s no problem in storage or transport. If they needed blood immediately, I’m sure collection centers would get a travel exemption.