Bloody Sweaty!

I’ve only ever vaguely heard of this condition (I think I recall something to do with Da Vinci), but after a bit of google-fu, I’ve found that it is medically known as Hematidrosis. It is extremely rare, usually occurring when someone is facing his or her death. What I want to know is; Could someone potentially die with this condition being the main cause of death? Maybe after losing a lot of blood from a gunshot wound then having a gun pointed in your face? I’m far from an expert on anything at all, but am I right in thinking it would be biologically impossible?

Since nobody else has said it:

Nobody “sweats” blood. When blood effuses from the skin, it is the terminal phase of a nasty disease. The victim is NOT “sweating”.

Stigmata of the disease?


Nope, the girl in this article is not “terminal” nor are the other patients described with this disorder “terminal”.

OK, forgot about Stigmata.

Was thinking along the lines of Ebola or some such thing…