Bloomberg, I'm sick of your commercials

Ok, I can tolerate commercials on TV. But Bloomberg has been running them on youtube where I’m all interested in something then , bang, a Bloomberg ad.

Nope. Not going to vote for you.

Well, I’m not.

I’ve never seen a Bloomberg commercial in the wild. Granted I’m in Indiana, but still.

I don’t watch antenna TV or cable TV, the only place I’m exposed to commercials is hulu plus and the radio (but I mostly listen to podcasts in the car, so I don’t hear a lot of radio commercials).

I had to dig them up on youtube to see what all the fuss was about.

he has an anti gun ad running on the super bowl today

I never see advertisements because I have adblock for youtube, and I don’t even own a TV. Irregardless, advertising doesn’t work on me.

OP, if you think it’s bad now

he probably quits the race after super Tuesday unless he does well then. But sounds like he will keep going after Trump until November.

super bowl ad: Exclusive First Look At Bloomberg's Super Bowl Ad | Morning Joe | MSNBC - YouTube