I was reading the wiki article on the unexplained sound “Bloop”. (If someone could post the cite, I would kindly appreciate it - I’m not sure how to do that myself). Anyone wish to venture a guess as to what it might be? Bonus points for guesses with scientific explanations!

Cite: Bloop

Thank you Giles

When Wiki posts something like this, I take a deep breath and look a little deeper. But it appears that there might be some truth to the bloop sound. (from NOAA Ocean Explorer.)

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Skeptoid had an interesting episode on the bloop (link to readable version). Long story short, nobody knows for sure what it is, but there’s really all kinds of weird noises in the ocean, and it’s probably not an animal (what kind of animal would, for instance, vocalize just a couple of times during one summer, only to then be silent forever?).

Though it has to be noted that the approximate origin of the bloop is not all that far from where Lovecraft posited the sunken city of R’lyeh; so perhaps it’s just that the stars were almost right in '97, causing some disturbance in the dreams of dead Cthulhu…?

The ‘Bloop’ was also the alien monkey pet in Lost In Space.

More than coincidence?

I think not.

That, or he farted in his sleep.

Good point. If it’s also several times the size of the blue whale, it’s hard to imagine what source of calories could sustain that sort of animal.

It sounded to me like a giant underwear gaseous leak or landslide.

At least it wasn’t a giant knocking, pecking kind of sound…

Maybe one that didn’t park itself next to that particular microphone for the entire summer?

Actually, its name was Debbie. Source:

That would be Blarp, from the 1998 movie.

We’re coming to a consesus, I see.

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Actually, methane production sounds like a pretty good bet.

It stands for Uniform Resource Locator

It wasn’t really ‘next to’ any particular microphone; rather, it was picked up by multiple ones distributed over a range of 5000 km. I don’t think a recurrence of a sound this powerful would easily slip past the various arrays of undersea microphones out there…