Blowdryer Usage: Air Velocity, Heat, etc.

What difference does it make if someone dries their hair using, for example, very low air velocity but very hot air, or very hot and fast air, or both slow and warm air?

Essentially, what real effect do the options on a typical blowdryer have when drying hair?

most of the energy is used to create the heat…the additional energy used to power the blower is probably much smaller…i’m sure someone knows the exact answer.

Excessive heat can damage hair so hot and fast isn’t a preferable everyday option but many people like it because, well, it is quick. Hot air can also be used to “set” hair using different hair products for a desired effect and the highest blow speed may not be desirable for that. Warm and slow is safest for the hair itself.

When I use a blowdryer, high velocity is better if I’m going for straighter, and low velocity if I use a diffuser and leave it curly. My hair is quite wavy but it’s also very fine, so the wave will blow right out.

The hotter it is, the more damage, but it’s a lot faster. In the summer I like to just let my hair air-dry, and it looks much healthier, but in the winter I can’t stand walking around with damp hair, and I don’t like spending a lot of time drying it, so hot it is.