Blow drying your hair straight

okay, teeming millions, help me out here. i’ve got hair that curls in some places, waves in others, and just kinda stays put in others. i would love for it to be straight, and i’m through using the chemicals. i know how to straighten it using a curling iron, but how do you do it with a blow dryer? please explain it step by step as thoroughly as possible. i’m a little slow. =)

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From many years of trial and error, my answer is, you don’t. I have the same someplaces-curly, some-straight, some-wavy hair, and the only time I can get it straight with a hair dryer is if someone else is doing it. This is because you have to pull it really hard with a big round brush while drying, and we are just not configured in such a way that this is possible. Use a straightening iron.

Get a bottle of Frizz-ease hair serum. (I think it’s by John Frieda? – You can get it anywhere, like Target or KMart. It’s with the mousses and gels.) The instructions are right on the bottle. Oh, and in the olden days (like the 60’s haha) you would IRON your hair. You know, with an IRON!

Oh, but it IS possible to blow dry your hair straight with no help! Use a huge, round brush and pull it through your hair a section at a time. If you hang upside down while you do it, the blood sorta rushes up to your brain. It’ll feel strange at first, but trust me, it’s a good thing.

Much easier than blow drying your hair stoned! :wink:

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well thanks mangeorge. i know that there *is *a way to do it, but i don’t exactly get how. when i do the whole upside down thing, my hair curls out. BAD. and when i use frizz-ease (yes it’s by john frieda), my hair is so stuck to my head you wouldn’t believe. interesting info about the iron… maybe i should try that, huh?

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Yes,the hippies used to iron hair back when. I saw my friends sister do it. You must put waxed paper between your hair and the iron!

All rightie, RADICAL ideas aside, can someone please go step by step with this whole blow drying thing? i’ll get you started:

  1. wet your hair
  2. plug in the blow dryer
    and i know i’m just asking for a LOT of wise ass comments here. =) oh well. that’s what this site is for, i guess. but seriously- help! i don’t get it at all!

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This works for straightening my thick, wavy, stubborn hair:
After I wash it I comb in some hair gel, then blowdry it “upside down” (as another reader suggessted). When it’s nearly dry, I stand upright and use a wire brush to “grab” sections of hair and hold it straight. Keeping the section straight, I blow the dryer at if for a few seconds. Then, still holding the section straight, I pull the dryer away and give the hair a few seconds to cool before I release it. Then I repeat with another section of hair until I’m done.

cool!! thanks! =)

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The thing I use to do my hair is a combination blow-dryer/curling brush. It is a round plastic brush with holes where the hot air blows out. These come in different sizes; I use about a 1/2 inch, but you can get them larger.

You use it on dry hair and it works really well. I try to let my hair air dry (less damage), then all I have to do is grab a section of hair, twirl it around the “barrel” for a minute, and presto! Beautiful hair! (Well, it looks all right, ok?)

I don’t know how it would work with really long hair. My hair is fairly short and I keep it permed and this straightens out the kinks. I like it much better than a curling iron.

Ok…here’s what I do at work:

  1. apply straightening serum to DAMP hair (NOT wet). Gels may work but a straightening serum will do a better job (especially on stubborn hair).

  2. section the hair so that you will be straightening the hair a little bit at a time

  3. use a round brush (the bigger the better) with a metal middle. The metal heats up as you dry your hair and acts like a curling iron. I almost never use a curling iron since I bought one of those.

  4. as you brush the section, hold the blowdryer at the root and follow the brush down (I hope I described it well…hard to write what I want to say).

  5. after each section is dry, put your dryer on the “cold” setting. That will close the cuticle and prevent frizzies.

With practice you will not need a curling iron. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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wow! you guys really are teeming millions! thank you all so much!!! i’m thrilled! i’m going to try all these new techniques and let you know if they work!

okay. so i have no life. leave me alone!

=) can’t wait for the iron…

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Last month’s InStyle magazine had this topic in their November issue. Anyway, the expert said to pull the hair VERY taut with a big round brush and work the blow dryer from the scalp to the ends. And he said it was imperative that the hair is completely dry or it would frizz.

Geez, what a time-consuming pain in the ass. The most I ever do is violently towel-dry (until it’s just damp), leave it messy while I get dressed, use a bit of spray gel, blow dry on low heat (while scrunching and not paying any mind to combing or brushing). A few minutes later, I get tired of scrunching, so I spray it with hair spray and switch the blowdryer to the cold setting.
Takes about six minutes.

The least I ever do is violently towel-dry (until it’s just damp), comb it straight back and let it dry on it’s own. It falls into place naturally while it’s drying.

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