Ladies - Haircare question

Okay, so I’m trying to grow my hair out since last September. I figure in a month or two it will be long enough to pull back and keep out of my face. Until then, it’s driving me crazy.

Apparently I have rather wavy hair when it gets long. So instead of laying down straight, it’s curling up and going every which way. This makes me look like a cross between a mad scientist and a guy who just got electocuted.

Basically, I’m wondering what you ladies with curly hair do to make it straight. I’m not going to spend two hours every day doing my hair, but I was hoping there was a simple thing I could do to help me keep my hair straight and keep my sanity.

Any suggestions?

You can use a flat iron to straighten hair. I’ve got one that looks like the 3rd one down:

IME, flat irons take a lot of time. If it’s merely wavy, and not wildly curly, I hear that a round brush and blow dryer can help make it straighter.

Personally, I recommend using some mousse or spray gel to control it, and lettting it wave or curl as much as it wants to. I’ve found that trying to straighten naturally wavy/curly hair is a never-ending battle, and usually a losing one, at that. As it grows longer, the weight will pull out some of the waves, but I wouldn’t expect straight hair.

The round brush technique doesn’t work for me, and my hair is merely wavy (and frizzy when it’s humid - that’s when things get real fun). I only spend maybe 10 minutes tops ironing my hair when I need to look a little better than usual. I’m not trying to get it stick straight, I just want it to lie down a little bit - I am assuming here that’s what Ashtar was looking to do as well.

Gel or mousse will help to keep flyaway hair down, if that’s the real problem. Hair spray will too, but all of these things make my hair feel dirty much more quickly when I use them. YMMV.

You may want to try a product like gel for curly hair that will smooth it out, like Frizz Ease, or something similar. I’d suggest browsing through your local supermarket hair care aisle and see what you can find.

Also, Pantene makes a kind of shampoo and conditioner set that is supposed to smooth out hair, called Smooth and Sleek Pantene Website

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I knew a girl that put her hair in wide rollers and slept with them in (lord knows how) and it pretty much took out the curl

I have long (about 6" past shoulders) wavy hair that I wear either wavy or straight depending on my mood and how much time I’m willing to fuss with it and also the weather.

If I’m going straight I blow dry, no special brush just attention on pulling it straight as I’m drying. Total blow dry time 7 minutes. Then I use the flat iron which smoothes it out and keeps the frizzies at bay though depending on the humidity that doesn’t always stick for the whole day. Total Flat iron time about 3 minutes.

Completely depends on the texture of your hair. My hair is thick but relatively fine so I get a nice silky texture when I straighten. The coarser your hair is the harder it is to straighten.

I highly recommend frizz ease or Flat Out as styling products though I usually don’t use anything when I’m going straight. When I’m letting the natural waves out I use Curls Up to keep the waves from being frizzy.

Good luck.

When its wet use styling gel.

Use a flat iron

Blowdry it with a large round brush

Mousse it to death while it is dry

Can you say bandana? do rag? ponytail?

V05 Straightening balm. Then blow dry. Done. :wink:

that’s made by Rusk that I’ve heard is exceptional. I can’t remember the name, though!!

Frizz Ease is good, but it may not be enough. Look for the Rusk!

:slight_smile: Purrty

Hmm. Wavy or curly longish hair on a man might look good. Try Paul Mitchell’s sculpting foam to prevent your hair from going all directions. Bed Head products are also good. Maybe you could stop in a hair salon and ask. They can look at your hair texture, etc. & make some recommendation.

My hair is very wavy if it’s wet and allowed to dry on its own, but you’d never know it by looking at it. I spray it with a leave-in conditioner/detangler (Frizz-Ease “Daily Nourishment”), and blow dry it with a round brush. You have to kind of loosely wrap the hair around the brush and gradually unroll it while you’re drying it. The metal ones work better because they absorb the heat from the dryer and get really hot.

Afterwards I very lightly mist my hair with a shine/anti-frizz spray.