Blowing up Watermelons

My friend’s children have been badgering him to blow up a watermelon for months now, so we have decided to give it a go on Sunday.

My question is, how on earth do we do it safely; but still satisfy their desire to see fruit blown to smithereens??

Thanks, Dopers :slight_smile:

What a terrible waste of food. :frowning:

I tried to blow up a car once, but I burnt my lips on the exhaust pipe.

simply_cats - are amateur fireworks legal in your locality?

Is this a traditional American custom? :confused:

Here we generally eat watermelons.

I’m guessing amateur fireworks are quite illegal here in Indiana. Now, I have shot a 2-liter bottle of soda before with spectacular results, but I am thinking it would be less than dynamic with a watermelon. What I am really going for here is some sort of mass destruction of the melon. Any kinds of suggestions are welcomed.

00 buckshot would work nicely. And be legal.

Wrap it in det cord.

… and post pics :cool:

Not really for the kids, but it might be fun for adults:

Blowing Up a Watermelon

Maybe by local ordinance, but not statewide.

When I lived in Northern Kentucky, it was legal for us to by fireworks in Indiana, as long as we didn’t set them off there. So we set them off in Ky., where they’re completely illegal.

Dry ice will solve all your exploding needs.

Get a small plastic bottle with a screw-on lid (like a pop bottle). Add a little water, throw the dry ice in and secure the lid. Insert bottle into fruit (carve out a hole beforehand).
The dry-ice-in-bottle method makes really nice explosions.

What ever happened to a picnic, a ball game, and some gee-whiz fireworks?

What the hell is the mentality today? Too many reality shows, is my guess, and yes, I’m feeling somewhat cranky. What of it?

A hollowpoint from almost any decent sized firearm will do it. Something like a .308 or .30-06 with good varmint ammo should prove spectacular. Or at least a medium handgun cartridge.

There’s too much illegal/dangerous advice seeping into this. It’ll only get worse.


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