Blu-ray Title Wrong

I bought a new Justice League Blu-ray last weekend from a legit retail store. When I put it in the player the title says “Dragon Ball (unreadable characters) gt”. I’ve returned it once and the new one is the same. The disc plays just fine but it bugs me that it looks like a knock off. Have you ever seen this?

There’s one review (out of 739) at that mentions the same thing occurring. Maybe the other 738 people didn’t notice, but anyway, it’s not unheard of (although that Best Buy review was the only other relevant search I found via Google, which makes it seem like it’s pretty rare or people are pretty unobservant.) No relevant reviews of the 959 at Amazon, either.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “the title”. On my Blu-ray player, I just put it in and it plays the disc, usually showing the main menu on the TV. The only display on the player itself is just a time counter. Is there a separate display for titles on your Blu-ray player? Or is it showing the main menu for a Dragon Ball disc on the TV?

I’ve never had that happen, but if I were you, I’d exchange it one more time, and this time insist that you be able to open and test the disc in the store.

If the actual movie you want is on the disc, don’t worry about it.

(Historical aside–when the Clinton grand jury happened, young Netflix sold a DVD of his interview for 2 cents. Some of the DVDs sent out, while labeled as the Bill Clinton deposition/interview/whatever, were actually a porn film.)

When I insert the disc it autoplays but the DVD player main menu shows the title when the disc is stopped.

Thanks for the replies. I think I’m going to take it back again. I guess I live on the corner of Anal and Retentive but it bugs the shit out of me.