Blue Christmas Lights

Has anyone else heard of Jewish people putting up blue lights for the holidays?

I know lots of people who go “all blue” in their color scheme, but dunno whether they’re Jewish or not. Want me to run down the street and ask?

My SIL is jewish, and she has used blue and white (or blue and ‘silver’) lights. I do think she told me that those two colors are associated with Channukah. Hence the blue and silver wrapping paper with menorahs on it…

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I have just blue lights up now, and am not Jewish. That help any? :smiley:
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I have blue Xmas lights all over my bedroom. In fact I just got two more strands of blue icicle lights to make a kinda curtain around the edge of my bed, only on the ceiling. I’m not Jewish - i just like’em.

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