blue frog fignts spam (Lycos style)

i just read this article New Spam-Fighting Technique Criticized last year when lycos came out with it’s screen saver that did kinda the same thing as this i signed up right away. unfortinitly it only lasted one or two days. so what does everyone here think of this new little frog? i haven’t signed up yet, but i like the idea of fighting spam.

Interesting. On big drawback though is that if it goes under, the email you give them will get more spam than before, because now it’s out there known to the spammers.

Also, if it relies on an automatic mechanism to extract the URL of the advertising company, that could be difficult, especially if it’s a picture (gif,jpeg) of an URL.

I’ll probably give it try, though, with an old email address I have pretty much given up to the spammers. It’s spammed to uselessness, so there’s little or nothing to lose.

thats what i dicided to do. i’ll give them my hotmail address and see how it works out. i’ll let everyone know.

I signed up for it. I’ll let you all know how it goes.