Blue hat, green hat, red hat, Sandra Boynton fans can I get an OOPS!?

A cow says, “Moo.”
A sheep says, “Baa.”
Three singing pigs say “La la la!”
“No, no,” you say. “That isn’t right. The pigs say ‘oink’ all day and night.”


Love Sandra Boynton! I can’t tell you how many times I read that book to my son when he was little! And Birthday Monsters, we loved that one, too. They’re all great.

I’d never heard of her until a few years ago. My boys love her books that have been turned into iPad apps.

I loved her greeting cards and bought all of her board books as soon as they came out. My kids loved them and now I use them with teaching kindergarten-aged kids English as a foreign language. The pictures and clever rhymes are just perfect.

Stomp your feet, clap your hands, everybody ready for a barnyard dance!

Well, I’ve got something to tell you, and it won’t take long. The way I feel about you is a kind of a song. It starts with an oooo and ends with a kiss, and all along the middle it goes something like this:
Blue Hat, Green Hat is one of my favorites to pull out with the under-5 set, by the way. It’s a grand way to practise colors and names of clothing, and little kids love seeing someone get something wrong that they have mastered themselves. Poor turkey!

If you can get your hands on “Yay, You!,” that’s one I love for older ones who are graduating. Her books have so much sweet silliness and kindness to them!

Have you ever heard her album Dog Train? (Lyrics by Boynton, music by somebody Ford, performance by various artists and groups including the brilliantly named “O.K. Chorale”.) I wouldn’t have known it existed if some friends of mine hadn’t been playing it for their small children, and I was all like “whoa, what is THIS?!”

“Wave Bye-bye” is a particularly awesome song, and I still find myself humming it when I really want to get out of a place. Go and listen.

Hippos Go Berzerk is my favorite. Doggies is my daughter’s favorite (she likes the little one who goes “yap yap!”). I have taught her to call her belly button a bee-bo.

My son (almost 14 months) loves “Pajama Time”, “The Go to Bed Book” and “Moo Baa La La La”, especially if we get animated while we read them.

I had never heard of her, but once I took one of my 1984 Los Angeles Olympics coffee mugs to work and one of my co-workers said “Oh! Sandra Boynton!”

So I guess I’ll always think of her as the Olympic coffee mug woman.

Philadelphia Chickens is a wonderful wonderful album.

I sing “Your Personal Penguin” to my 8 month old son approximately to the tune of Jimmy Buffet’s “Pencil Thin Mustache.” Then I discovered that there is a recorded version of it sung by Davy Jones. I’m not far off. :slight_smile:

Now I know what to get my cousin’s new babies! Hadn’t thought about any of these books or music in a while, but loved sharing them with my son. The one that got the most play in our house was Snoozers. Dog Train and Philadelphia Chicken were ones he enjoyed on his own so I don’t know them as well, but he loved 'em.

The album of hers you must get is Grunt.

A parody of the popular Gregorian chant album Chant, this “Pigorian chant” album sounds like real Gregorian chant, until you listen closely and realize that some of what they’re singing is Pig Latin. Other lines are jokes in real Latin (such as “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” translated into real Latin, or “Gloria in egg shells each day-o” instead of “Gloria in Excelsis Deo”.


Both Snoozers and *Bob the Christmas Reindeer * are awesome books, especially “The Big Yawn” (not sure of story’s title, the one about the pteranodon) from the former and “Wake Up! Wake Up!” from the latter.

Sandra Boynton is a genius. Her Tweets are hilarious.

My pre-K class has three of her story/albums. My personal favorite is I Need A Nap sung by Weird Al and Kate Winslet.

A pteranodon
Can show off its yawn
Any time you request it.

Both you and your chair
Would fit inside there
Although I wouldn’t suggest it.

OMG I SO WANT THIS. I had never heard of it.

My son loved Barnyard Dance too. Good kid.

I bought tons of her stickers back in the 80’s and somewhere here I’m certain I have her button about the rats winning the rat race.

And the stationery on my head board says “I thought I’d drop you a lion” complete with falling lion!

I was about to mention those three books exactly! My son loved those books when he was a little younger. He’s now almost three, so he’s kind of outgrown them, but he still wants me to read them occasionally and he laughs at the pictures.

I’ve had various books of hers memorized from repeated readings at different times.

My favorite Boynton gem is BB King singing "One Shoe Blues. If you haven’t watched it, take a moment.