Blue mushrooms??

We’ve got quite a crop of fungi in our back yard, including some blue ones. I took some pictures creatively numbered 1-14.

I’m not planning to eat any of them, but I’m very curious as to what I’ve got. All but the blue ones were growing in the lawn where they got several hours of sun a day. The blue ones were pushing through a pile of leaves that I never got around to raking.

Anyone know anything about mushrooms/toadstools/fungi? Any ideas what kinds they are?

I am no expert, but if you google “Blue Mushrooms,” you might find the indigo milk mushroom. I don’t think they are these , described as “Extremely trippy blue, blue mushrooms to be harvested.”

No, they’re definitely not the trippy blue ones. I wish the page had a different view of the indigo milk mushroom - I just can’t tell…

Well, Google (or Yahoo) can be your friend. Just type “indigo milk mushroom” in the search box, and press ENTER.

The ones with white stalks and biscuit-colored tops could be psilocybe mushrooms. Do a Google image search if you want.
Do they stain blue when broken or bruised? If so, jackpot.