Blue numbers on the front page now

I use Sam’s Simple Theme. The number of posts on the right hand side of the front page are now blue.

Is this just part of the random “upgrades” that Discourse seems to go through?

Do you mean the bubbles? I’m using the same theme as you and they’ve always been blue. I’m not seeing any difference. I think it’s for threads that you either post in or read often.

No; I mean the “number of replies”. The numbers used to just be black but now they are the same blue as the Reply button.

Ah, you’re right. On my phone, the numbers look the same as they always did, but on my computer they are now all blue. Both devices are using Sam’s Simple Theme.

They’re yellow on my theme, and yeah, I think that’s different to what they used to be. They draw my attention now when they didn’t before, at least.

I use the Material Design Theme.

I’m now seeing it on the main (SDMB Light) theme, too. It seems to be due to a color set on the btn-link class.

If I remove that declaration, it goes back to the normal gray.

For the changes to exist across multiple themes, I suspect the difference is that the .link-btn class was added to the numbers. However, it would be possible that a color was just added to that class as well.

Either way, I agree it is undesirable. Those numbers are not really supposed to be seen as links separate from the actual thread titles. Plus it doesn’t match how those same post numbers appear elsewhere on the site.

(Note, this is on teh main front page, in the “Latest Posts” section.)