Blue Text - does everyone get it?

I mentioned in a topic discussion that I have trouble reading the blue text, and someone replied “What blue text?” My discussion text is sky-blue, forum title list is a paler blue. My wife agrees with my color descriptions, she says blue.

I tried Dope Dark interface, and it just puts medium blue on black instead of on white, same lack of contrast’

I’ve never seen that. Weird.

Which browser are you using? Any strange settings, extensions, etc. that could be causing this?

I use Sam’s Simple. There is some blue text here, but most of it is black.

When I access a forum/category, the titles of the threads/topics are blue. The titles of the ones that I have already visited and have no new activity look a grayish shade of light blue. The reply box I am writing in right now is separated from the rest of the page by a thick blue line, under which I can see the thread/topic title in a small blue font.

The first post shows the light blue color for me then fades to white after a second or two. Now using the Brave browser because the Waterfox browser I’ve been using for years will not load the SD boards for me since the changeover.

Using SD light theme.

That light gray almost invisible stuff is blue? (I’m somewhat blue colorblind, never would have known)

I have been using Straight Dope Light on my phone with the mobile interface, text is black. I swapped to Discourse classic, and the category titles are black with the topic titles in blue on white background. There seems to be enough contrast for me.

The topic title of read threads is a bit lighter blue, but I can still read it.

“graceful” has black text on white.

Try changing your interface/theme.

The first post is blue-green for me before fading to black. Using SD Dark on Safari (iMac).

It’s my screen angle. If I tilt the screen it can intensify the difference in the background tint of bluish panels. I think it is the bluish background that is making me think it is pale blue, instead of pale gray.

What is the advantage of having such pale gray text? Some things are virtually grayed out.

It’s a fad among web designers right now. Low-contrast, shades of gray instead of black text on white/light background, as has been used for text since Gutenberg 400 years ago. The advantage is that it makes your web pages look with-it to the other cool kids.