Straight dope banner change

I use Discourse Classic, Windows 10, Chrome, which has always had SD on the left, with the thread title and forum in smaller lettering. Then a bog empty space until over on the right you have the search/hamburger/profile icons. Background was all white.

Now, every time I open a new thread/tab, I have a very dark blue banner with The Straight Dope Message Board spelled out in a large font, followed by The Straight Dope in smaller font, a small empty space, then the search/hamburger/profile icons.

It’s board specific as no other site has changed. Help me go back!

I use Sam’s Simple Theme and I also do not care for the new solid blue header.

Or the indigo buttons and the indigo post indicators.

Have the same issue here. So I’m playing around with the different interface choices.

So it’s an everyone thing? I much preferred the lighter colors also. May have to check out the other options.

As an aside, does anyone use the Dark or Vincent styles? Seems to me that would be hard to read over the long term. Different strokes, I guess.

^^I was using Sam. I changed to graceful and it’s not too bad.

What was weird is it was an actual live update while I was using my scroll wheel and I thought I had inadvertently changed something!

Not that it’s a deal breaker, I’ll figure something out but having such a dark banner was quite the change from a white one.

That was weird. I had to check something on a different site and click to it. Came back here 10 seconds later and BAM! I was confused, I tell you that.

How do you choose a theme?


Glad to hear I am not alone. How do we fix it?

I am not a happy camper. I’m not deeply unhappy, but I liked the way the Discourse classic looked. It worked for me. Now it’s not the same, and none of the options give me easy to see demarcations between thread topics. Yes, yes, I know there’s a fairly sizeable gap between paragraphs, but I like the lines (or, preferably, alternate row shading). That’s the visual cue I look for and they’re sooooo slender and pale they’re nearly invisible now.

Now checking out the other options. So far graceful is the least objectionable. The two Darks are horrid, at least on a computer screen.

Thanks. I don’t like Discourse anyway, so the new theme doesn’t really bother me. But I do like to know where things are when I hear of them.

At this point, I guess you find a different theme. I’m sticking with classic for now as it is the only one that gives me the gray/white background that I prefer.

This is me, too. I can learn to live with it, but it is not my top choice.

I don’t like it because the hamburger menu and the avatar icon don’t look as good on it (especially the red circle-number on the hamburger menu that says how many pending reports there are).

And a few other spots on the page have changed to a darker shade of blue, too, like the Reply button and the outline of the Reply textbox.

My icon is the only thing that didn’t change. Still a grey background with the icon on it. Something must be wrong with my menu icon tho. I don’t het to see reports from anyone. You’re a mod Chronos, could you fix that for me? Thanks!

I tried Graceful and one other, but I really don’t like those rows of avatars for each topic, it’s just too busy. So I guess I’ll learn to live with the banner change on Sam’s Simple.

I use Vincent and I love it. My eyes are sensitive to too-white backgrounds. Vincent is easy on my eyes.

That’s what I’m using as well. Over the last year or so, I’ve been moving over to dark mode on a lot of websites. I’ve found I prefer it, but it’s really jarring, especially late at night, when I go from a dark site to a bright site.

Also, nothing changed with this theme. Everything looks exactly the same as it always has.

No, it doesn’t, not at all.

It is ok, but it would have been nice to have some warning. I ran out to pick up a kid from school, when I came back I thought someone had been messing with my iPad. Sheesh, announce stuff like this.

You kids can stay on my lawn, though.

This is how it’s always looked for me since the transition. It’s not new, whatever else it may be.