Vincent theme not working?

When I came to the forums today, my theme had changed. I had Vincent but now it’s the Dark theme. I tried changing the theme and then selecting Vincent again but it defaults back to Dark. I restarted my laptop but that didn’t help. I logged out and back in. Still the same. Anyone else having this problem?

(I just saw that someone else posted about this. I didn’t see that when I started my post.)

ok i wasnt here much yesterday and apparently my board theme changed from the green and black one to all black … did it get removed ?

Do you think your theme was called Vincent? That would match up to @aurora_maire?

I just switched to Vincent and it is white font on black now as a test.

I just need a little more info before I bumped this up to Ed Zotti.

yeah thats what it was … i thought ya took it out or something lol

I tried it as well, as an experiment.

It looks like Straight Dope Dark with rounded poster icons and lots of unused vertical space (in mobile browser).

I can’t remember precisely what Vincent looked like before, but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t that.

We don’t mess with the Themes. That is done by Discourse staff. Sometimes things slip in their updates, but I’m not seeing an update since Jan 25, so I’m not sure what is happening.

It is a Discourse issue though and not anyone’s hardware at least.

I Emailed Ed as he is the funnel that stuff like this goes through for Discourse.

Thanks. It’s very disconcerting. I don’t like changes in my environment. :grinning:

I’m another Vincent user and the whole thing is a mess. The fonts are bigger, the banner is gone, replaced with just a space, the formatting… not good at all.

I switched to Straight Dope Dark and it’s different but also very similar. Not an improvement.

I hope they can put this to rights!

I could have told you, Vincent, this board was never meant for one as beautiful as you.

Same thing happened to me. I initially assumed I accidentally used a private window and I wasn’t logged in.

ETA, also, I don’t like it.
Did it get narrower? I feel like there’s more space on the left.

Vincent has been the theme I’ve used since we started here. It always seems to be the black sheep of the group. It’s has bugs, it breaks more often, it doesn’t have some of the features the other themes have. It wasn’t until this site that I knew that website skins are more than just different color palettes. At least here, different skins cause the site to behave differently.

In addition to what @Aspenglow glow mentioned. I’m also seeing a big gap between the bottom of the text within a post and the bottom of the post itself. On my screen there’s a space about an inch high there.
Also, the quote button shows up in entirely the wrong place, about 6 lines below what you’re trying to quote. And white text on a black background in a white outlined rectangle on a page with white text on a black background isn’t helpful.

Here’s what I’m seeing. Notice what I highlighted and where the quote button is, as well as their respective color schemes.

(Testing, did they at least fix the bug with Vincent where anything in “bold” is actually slightly less bold and, in fact, unless someone says ‘my bolding’, it usually goes unnoticed. This sentence should be bold.) ETA, yes, they did, it actually looks bolded

Sorry, Chonos, I just needed to experiment with quoting something from another thread.

Partial quote:

Full quote:

Full quote (with just a link to the post)

ETA, looks like quotes from other threads still only give us an avatar and not the username (not even when hovering). What’s odd is that in the preview it gives only the username. No avatar, no link to the other thread, nothing.

Also, I noticed that if you click on the avatar, it expands the partial quote to a full quote, similar to clicking on the up arrow on a quote. Was that always a thing and I never noticed it?

It’s back and working fine for me again!! Thank you so much to @codinghorror!!

Yup, fine for me too.

Yay! Thanks for the quick repair.

Well, at least the theme didn’t kill itself. This time. :night_with_stars:

yay it’s back and i didn’t know it yet lol