Vincent Theme not working again?

This started for me yesterday afternoon I believe. I’ve only checked it on my computer, but with both Firefox and Chrome with the same results. So that should rule out fa browser issue.

My issue is that in the notification box, threads I haven’t clicked on normally have a blue background to stand out against everything else, which has a black background.
It should look something like this (this isn’t the area I’m currently having an issue with, it’s just an example of another ‘drop down’ type box that has the same color scheme)

However, now the threads I haven’t visited have a white background, which makes them nearly impossible to read, like this.

and when my mouse is over one of them, the text changes from blue to white, making it useless.
Seen here, my mouse was over the third one down when I took the screen shot.

Anyone else?

Yes, it’s the same for me and also started yesterday. I was also thinking about starting a thread about it, but figured such an obvious error would be fixed soon.

I was going to wait until now to start the thread since now I’m at work and can verify it’s not just my home computer.
Until I checked on Chrome this morning, I figured it was just me because someone would have started a thread about it already.

I think Vincent gets pushed towards the wayside. I’ve always assumed it’s not nearly as popular as the other themes, so there’s not as many people reporting problems and they go unfixed despite, I assume, being easy fixes. Like bold fonts not actually being any bolder.

For what it’s worth, Discourse had an update yesterday.

I did not see anything in the release notes pertaining to Vincent, but obviously that update is what broke it.

Yes, me, too. It’s really annoying. I hope they can fix the contrast issue, because I never know what I’m doing until I click on the faded-out option and I see what pops up in response.

Yeah, I was hoping that issue would get fixed. I can live with it, though. Vincent does seem to be the buggiest theme with fewer users. I just did a poll to see what the popular themes are. I’m expecting Vincent to be somewhat of a loser even though I think it is the nicest one. :grin:

Any chance we can get this fixed? The notifications are hard enough to read that they’re essentially useless.

Also, I noticed it does it when you tag someone as well.