Notification of thread reply highlighted?

Whenever I get a note that a thread I’m in has had a new posted-whether it’s in reply to me or not-it’s always highlighted in white with gold print and is hard to read, as opposed to the black with blue type of a message I’ve checked. Is there a setting that explains this? I may not be describing it accurately.

I’m moving this from ATMB to Site Feedback as it is a Discourse question and not an ATMB question.

Can you please check and list your Theme from the Interface page of your preferences. It might help to mention browser and if mobile or desktop.

Theme is Vincent. I’m using Firefox. So far I’ve only noticed it on my work desktop.

I’ll try and do a little testing using Vincent on a PC at least.

But someone from Discourse will probably need to check this.

The Vincent theme always seems to have issues. A recent update made it worse. See this thread:

Just noticed it also happens on my phone. It’s not a big issue, just an annoyance and a mystery. It does seem that I’m having the same issue as those other people.