Difficulty getting “replied” posts [trouble with notifications]

Starting yesterday, I had difficulties receiving the list of “replies” to involved threads - posted as a number over ones icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Unsure if this has been an issue for anyone else or how to improve it. Thanks.

What kind of difficulties?

Previously, touching the icon rapidly showed a list of personal replies or replies in threads I started. Now, I get a “loading” arrow that persists for minutes when everything else on the board occurs at previously normal speeds. It is not a big deal - I know which threads I started and read. But it is new.

Are you using an ad-blocker or something that disables javascript? If not that, then Discourse is kinda fiddly on browser specs, so make sure your browser is up to date.

The adblocker is not new. Will try updating.

If your ad-blocker is set to update automatically or if it automatically updates filters or filter lists, then it could have changed without your knowledge. Turn it off and try a hard refresh. If that doesn’t help, then it’s something else.

Might be helpful if y’all’d say what OS and browser you’re using.

I’m getting it, too. I have a thread in ATMB.

Nothing on my side has changed since we changed to Discourse.

May need @codinghorror if it was caused by a recent Discourse update.

Nothing has changed on my side either. I’m guessing that this was broken in a recent Discourse software update.

On my system it works on some browsers and doesn’t work on others, so switching browsers (at least temporarily) may be a possible workaround until the software folks get this one fixed.

Yes, this is a recent problem on both iOS and OS X for me.

Same issue as the OP. Using Safari on an old iPhone 6.

I’ve had the same problem on my Mac, while using Firefox, last night and this morning. It’s an older version of Firefox, which I am unable to update, due to being locked out of administrator privileges (it’s a work machine, and I haven’t been in the office for a year and a half). However, I can get to my notifications when using Chrome for the SDMB.

I can confirm that this is a problem on some browsers but not others. It still works fine on an older version of Firefox (80.0.1 64-bit) on Windows, but is totally bust on Firefox on my Android tablet. On the tablet, starting just a day or two ago, tapping my icon on the upper right hand corner initially creates a “waiting” circle that runs forever, and if exiting out of that and trying again, the icon doesn’t respond at all. At one point – not sure what I did – it responded with “you don’t have any notifications”, even though I have dozens.

So yes, a real problem with Discourse, but very much browser-specific.

Similar experience here – Discourse notifications work fine while using Chrome on Windows 10 laptop.

Discourse notifications don’t work fine while using Safari on my ancient iPhone 6.

So, is anyone going to fix this? I mean, it worked fine up to last week.

Or are we all just supposed to switch to Chrome?

Hopefully. Until then, a workaround is to click your avatar in the upper right corner, click the bell to get to your profile, and select Notifications.

If that doesn’t work, try bookmarking this link: https://boards.straightdope.com/u/YourUsernameHere
and selecting Notifications.

First one just gave me a page with no notifications, but the second one worked

Still broken for me on Android w/Firefox, but as I said above, works with Firefox on Windows. And this just started happening some number of days ago. Notifications of a reply to you or an “@” mention is one of Discourse’s most useful features.

The above workaround suggestions don’t work for me. They will get me into my profile page, but when I click on “Notifications”, the field where notifications should appear is blank.

Same here.
But, it seems to be browser-version dependent. Works correctly on Safari 14.1.2, but not on whatever version I’m running on my ancient machine. And, doesn’t work on my iPhone 6.
So, some Discourse update must have broken support for older browsers.