Unable to "jump to later reply"

For some time now I’ve been unable to use the “jump to later reply” feature from Chrome.

I’m talking about when under a post it says “X replies”, then you click the caron, then it shows a preview of the replies and you click the down arrow. It is supposed to jump to the reply, but nothing happens for me.

ETA: I’ve made two replies to this post, so you should see “2 replies” under this post. Click on that then try clicking on one of the down arrows.

ETA2: The replies don’t seem to show, probably because I made the OP. But looking at this post:



Try to jump to this one


ignore this post


Not working in Chrome on Windows 10.
Discourse Classic

Goto Quote post does work (The Up Arrow)
It is the jump to later reply that is not working for me also. (The Down Arrow)

Okay, so it’s not just me. And now for some reason the reply count shows up under my OP, so you don’t have to leave the topic to try it out.


Brave, chrome, opera unavailable for me.

I just checked, and it’s stopped working on all the Discourse boards I use. Blame a recent update, I guess.

Win10, Chrome

Just for fun: @codinghorror

Are normal members supposed to tag him directly whenever we find a bug, or do mods have some dedicated support channel? Seeing as they are paying for the hosting service.


I tag him because he’s active here in fits and spurts. Admin have a support channel, but I don’t get the impression that it’s one-on-one engagement. But this board is an oddity among D-boards, so who knows?

I’ve been told the Discourse developers monitor Site Feedback. I don’t think it is close to constant. If it is a major bug we would bump it to Ed who contacts them directly I believe.

The mods do have some channels to contact part of the Discourse development team.

For small bugs like this, Site Feedback will hopefully be sufficient. For non-bugs, bothering the Discourse team is not encouraged and in at least one case was forbidden.

I’m not sure that’s accurate.

Which part? I’m not to sure about the first and I left out “I think”.
The second I’m pretty sure of.

Probably this,

(note that TubaDiva has since passed away and the email is presumably not being monitored any more)


ETA: emphasis,

do not contact Chicago Sun-Times management or the Development Team

“For non-bugs, bothering the Discourse team is not encouraged and in at least one case was forbidden.”

Wasn’t the D-team, was the Sun-Times people.

Update on the issue

I still can’t jump to later replies. And on mobile the dropdown doesn’t show at all. It’s actually quite annoying.