Can't reply more than 2 times in thread

Another Botticelli thread mishap: I’m wanting to reply to 4 separate Dopers, but Discourse isn’t letting me make more than 2 replies. The warning flag says I have to wait for someone to reply to me first. How do I fix this?

Is this true?

Let’s see.

OK, this is my second reply

And this, my third…

IME Discourse is suggesting you not keep replying. You’re under no obligation to listen to those suggestions. Just ignore the message or click the close-X to make it go away.

Nope, told me I had to wait for someone else to post. I tried banging through, but couldn’t

Reply to the first poster, then enter a new line.

Go to the second poster’s post and select the portion you want to quote, Discourse will prompt you to Quote it. A grey box with white text showing "Quote. Click Quote.
Reply to this quote.

Go to the third poster’s post and select the portion you want to quote, click quote and reply.

Not exactly what you’re looking for a work around that should work for the same basic results.

What_Exit nails it.

I saw this topic (Can’t reply more than 2 times in thread.) in the list of Latest Posts, and thought, “Awright, now that’s a different kind of Thread Games concept.”

Better solution than none, but not a good solution.

A poster, making a post, typically has a point to make. Responding to several different posts making several different points, but responding all in one post, turns your post into a hodge-podge.

If it helps make your point to respond to several earlier posts all in one post, that’s fine. But responding to multiple earlier points with several points of your own all in one post just dilutes your message.

But given that you have to do this (ugh), you can at least separate your points a little bit. Put an empty line followed by a line of three hyphens in a row like this:

and you get a (not very prominent) horizontal line across your post.

Is this happening anywhere other than in Thread Games?