Notices about posting too much

I’ve seen people claim they get notices about posting to a thread too much. I’ve never seen one, despite the xkcd thread that I started and post a lot to.

So how does Discourse decide that one is posting too much? Is it number of posts, total amount of text, a combination of those, or something else?


(Not that I’m going to care or pay attention if I get such a notice, mind you.)

It’s how many posts in a row. After a certain number it nags you to reply to multiple posts in one post, then if you persist will tell you that you can no longer post in a thread until someone else does first.

It will also nag you if you’re mostly responding to just one person, telling you to include more people in the conversation.

It’s three times. It will block a fourth post if done in quick succession. However, that fourth will go through if you wait awhile. Not sure how long, might be at least 15-20 min.

I mostly post links the newest comic, which means I’m replying to my OP. That doesn’t seem to trigger any warnings. Good enough.

Never done more than three in a row; people don’t reply to all of them, but they reply to enough of them.

I have not yet figured out how to multi-quote on the new board.

Hit Reply, to get a blank message box.

Highlight the text you want to quote from any post, and click the Quote button that pops up. Repeat.

That’s on a desktop. I’m not sure if it works the same way on a phone or tablet.

I select the text I want to quote and click the ‘quote button’ that appears; then repeat for another quote.

You’re also only posting those “new comic” posts three times a week, so you’re meeting the “and then wait a while” criterion.

I’ve been told to shut up by Discourse in one thread because 20% of the text in the thread is my posting, and l’m to let other people talk.

So I’ve bowed out of that thread and won’t post there again. I’ve muted it so that I won’t get any notifications and be tempted to break the Discourse diktat.

It does. My only complaint about that feature on mobile is that whenever I highlight text, the phone pops up a “copy/paste/whatever” box that sometimes blocks discourse functions.

Aww, don’t let the man get you down. Post your little heart out!

You won’t see this particular nag if you started the topic.


Highlight the text first, then hit “quote” or message “reply”. To get a message box with the quote already inserted.

Repeat to get multi-quotes. Just make sure that you are hitting reply on the message – it works like the “quote” popup. “Reply” on your message means “post”.

I hate the idea of posting responses to multiple people in the same post. Often the replies are not even close to being the same train of thought, which means that the first reply might sit in the edit box for a long time while I consider my other reply even though the first reply is entirely finished. I’d prefer to get it out there while I work on my next reply. I don’t see what’s so problematic about posting extra times to a topic so long as each is a different train of thought. I suppose there is the 10,000 post limit, but that’s rarely an issue.

Just ignore that. That’s a generic message coded into Discourse for users who might be hogging the conversation, not users with legitimate reasons to post. Discourse doesn’t make up the rules for us here. I doubt we’ve even had users hog the conversation here, and even if we did, that’s a job for the mods.

What’s annoying is that Discourse treats it like a verbal conversation. Posting any number of times in a row doesn’t prevent others from posting at the same time.

I’m sure that most of these issues can be fixed by simply changing the settings in Discourse. That should take two minutes for someone with admin access.

In other words, these are choices this board makes, not unalterable features of Discourse.

As I see it, the main problem is that we don’t have an admin to deal with this.