One Two Many?

How many posts in one thread is tooooo many?

In the pit you might have to talk back to someone, but otherwise, is there some point where you should just let it be someone else’s place to talk (post)?




pretty chatty

at 3

in a row,

or so.

Well, I’d say you posted this thread one too many times, at least. :wink:

As long as you have something interesting to say, I don’t care how many posts you make.

That 60 second pause between posts is a bitch.
Two more lines and you’d have interrupted mine train of thought. Or did you wait? :dubious:

Actually, I meant the OP–it was double posted as of my posting. It’s been fixed now.

I don’t know that there any limit; however, when the person who started the thread (the Original Poster) replies to every single post, it can get to be annoying. You have to ask yourself, have I already made this point I’m about to write? If so, then “be still, my typing fingers!”

To back up, make your point clearly the first time. Be concise, so you don’t run it into the ground. You may have seen me violate all of these rules, so it’s not like I’m wise, or something. :smack:

Speaking as poster, not as Moderator: It’s also, generally, a poor strategy to try to reply to every single point. Your message gets lost in the massive, lengthy, and usually boring post.

That’s tough to reply to!

But, chatty isn’t bad… right… I mean,… it is a message board.

You’ll know it when you see it.

As long as you have something worthwhile to say, have at it.


My cat is fuzzy.

Can I tell you about my assortment of boils?

Dear Cervaise:

That’s nice.