What is the highest number of posts in a row you're willing to make in one thread?

I have this thread in GD on a topic that concerns me greatly (this one, in case you were wondering), and I ended up making two posts in a row at the end of it, mostly because I remembered something that I wanted to say after the edit expiration. However, I’ve now thought of MORE I wanted to say. But no one’s replied to the thread since those two in a row, and I feel strangely reluctant to add a third.

So how many posts in a row are you willing to make in one thread? Does it matter if you started it or not? What do you think of people who make more in a row than you’re willing to make? (Not necessarily here, obviously; any forum or message board will do – heck, even newsgroups count.)

Two is a little uncomfortable but sometimes necessary to keep things straight and clear. Three is one too many - I do try to avoid doing that, too.

I’ll post whatever amount I feel is appropriate. For example, if I’m responding to several other posts in a thread I’ll probably make each of my responses a seperate post to avoid confusion.

It depends upon the thread, but I don’t like making more than two (though sometimes I’m guilty).

Two if I missed the window, but with a mental note to think before I write in the future.

Ideally, unless you are answering somebody’s comment on your post or the line of discussion changes/develops, you should only post once.

Whenever I do a second post in a row, I wish I had had more time in the edit window.

Not that I think the edit window is too short, I just don’t like having two posts in a row.

At another board, more than once, I went over 10.

(threads were usually humorous, like finding disturbing food products, or posting sad and funny personal ads I had found)

As long as I don’t expose my Redundant Rhetoric Posting Disorder, I won’t set a number.

Just one.

Unless I think of something I should have added and I miss the edit window.

But how often would that happen? Pretty rarely.

Excluding special cases where it makes sense for someone to deliberately post regular updates or something, the most I can imagine is four, and normally not more than one. Four would be:

  1. What do I think about that? I think blah.
  2. Oops, edit window has closed, I made major typo that makes a sentence too offensive/wildly wrong to just leave.
  3. OK, I’ve gone to look it up, and actually blah-de-blah.
  4. Oops, edit window has closed, I made major typo that makes a sentence too offensive/wildly wrong to just leave. AGAIN. I AM SO SILLY, SORRY!

In the American Idol threads, I will frequently make a few posts in a row, because I’m doing running commentary.

I don’t mind posting twice because I’ve forgotten something and the edit window has closed. I don’t like posting a third time but would do it if I thought I was adding something to the conversation. I would not post four times unless under special circumstances (say I’d just been in a flood and was posting updates or something.)

I’ve seen five in a row, I think.

Personally, I think you should go for it some time. Wait a couple weeks, pick a slow topic at a slow time, and see how far you can get before a mod complains or someone else comments.

Then report back here.

That five in a row was in GQ, not GD though.

(I could have edited my post to add that comment, but … you know.)

Two is my limit, though even then, I try to only use that when I’ve passed the edit window.

I must say when I read the OP I expected a lot more of this type of response :slight_smile:

Three. If quoting others, and catching up, I might go 4-5.

Multiquote ain’t all that hard to figure out.

I do two on rare occasions when I’ve fucked up.