Enough Already!

To begin with, I want to state that I am not putting this in the pit because I don’t want to start a pile on or what have you.

I am putting it here in hopes of keeping it civil.

Enough Already!

And yes, fellow dopers, you could say: well, just ignore the posts if you find them irritating.

But my question revolves around this:

Is it true that the more posts we have, the more it bogs down the server?

While one person may not have a serious impact on the board, many with this behavior will.

Does this set a precedence?

I know that in the past a lot have complained about Handy’s ‘drive-by’ posting.

Well, now we have two posters like that.

Sometimes I think there should be a posting limit.
Perhaps it would make people use their posts wisely and not use them to have some sort of ‘race’.

my two cents is all.

Hmmm…interesting. Maybe a limit of 60 per calendar month, with weekly raffles to award bonus posts? Dopers could donate posts to desperate Dopers in need. The SDMB could sell additional posts to help raise funds for the cause.
Interesting, indeed…


Maybe the limit could work like carbon points or whatever it is that the pseudoenvironmentalists want polluters to use. If I’m feeling a little quiet one week and want to hear more prison stories, I could trade points to Qadgop.


I don’t think we should have limits.

However, I do think that having a thread every week about getting to post 1800, 1900, or whatever is lame. But so are a lot of other threads.

They are called ‘posting parties’ porcupine… I really don’t think much of them. I don’t think
I gave myself one, but other people did give me some.

BNB, I always felt that brevity is the soul of a fast message board. But not everyone talks the same.
As I said before, I’m Deaf, I get a whole lot less information, therefore, I post less sometimes. I don’t
think most people understand that. But if they were deaf, I think they would notice a sharp decline
in their information collection.

I went to look at Servers. When I looked at them, I noticed that they usually are rated by
‘requests per second’ e.g. 300rps, right? So, just clicking a page to read it would
be a request, just as much as posting would be, right?

I know they’re called ‘post parties.’ I can see the point for significant milestones, but if someone is an extremely prolific poster, they kind of lose their impact if the same person is getting one each week, don’t they?


I think its one thing to post to many threads.
I don’t even care if the threads are silly or what have you.

It’s another thing to post as much as possible,just to see if you can

I think to post just to post or soley to get a high count or to encourage high posting ratios (oh! you hit 20,0000! can you do 30,000 in next week? etc) is an abuse of the board.

that said, I don’t know if it really is or isn’t an abuse, which is why I posted here.

The reads hurt more than the posts. The posts make INSERT statements into the database, which slows things, but considering the fact that the read/post ratio is likely 100/1 or greater, it’s the reads that take the bandwidth and the CPU power.

Say, Arnold et al? If you ever want a quick way to see all the “views” on the SDMB, have jdavis do this:

SELECT SUM(views) AS totalviews FROM thread

(don’t anyone else bother trying it; it will only work for jdavis)

Then you will know all the total views, and you can divide by the posts on the main page, and then see an idea of the view/post ratio. It might be useful info.

Now, this has me curious.

If I set out to have a really high post count…and this was my stated purpose…and I only posted a letter or number in random threads every 30 seconds…would this get me in trouble?

Please note: This is not a slam at FLAMSTER. I enjoy her posts.

Buck - that depends, would you count having Lynn’s cousin Vinnie paying you a friendly visit being in trouble?

Anthracite: thank you for the tip.

Bad News Baboon - posting just to have a high post count is obviously not the purpose for which this board was created. Quantity, not quality, is what I think a poster should strive for.

Uh, Arnold: Sure that’s what you meant to say? :smiley:


Accuracy and quality is what a poster should strive for. :o

I’ve never done this around here before, but…


I have more screw-ups in my posts than a person can shake a stick at, but that one’s classic.

Hey! There is no way I do that! Even if the board let you post once every 30 seconds, instead of every 60, there is still no way I’d do that! I admit that some of my posts could be construed as being of the “drive-by” variety, but I’d think that there would be more really wordy ones in the bunch, all told. (of course, I’m not going to calculate the ratio of long ones to short ones)

I’m not sure it was my stated purpose to have a really high post count, but if people interpreted my posts this way, then I’m sorry. It’s not like I’m going to post a “Let’s see if I can get a higher post count than handy or someone else with a high post count” thread. First, that would be impossible, since everyone with high post counts will always have more posts than me. Second, it’s not a good idea. Third, I wouldn’t really want to arouse the ire of the mods and admins here. (they do this job for free, as I am reminded every so often by posts on this board)

Besides, even in the “push” for 1800, then 1900, I tried to actually make my posts pertain to the topic at hand. If I truly didn’t care about the relative quality of my posts, I would have just posted random letters, numbers, words, etc. to threads, no matter what.

The thread last week about 1800 posts… well. I thought it was a good idea at the time. Later on, though, even before I saw Coldfire’s post in that thread, I began to feel it was not such a good idea. I could have emailed him or another mod to close or delete the thread, but I decided to just let it drift down to obscurity, where it perhaps rightfully belonged.

Yesterday’s thread that ResIpsaLoquitor started… well. That was definitely not my idea. It’s true that he had the idea for the thread out of something I said to him, as a joke. But that is not the same thing as my having the idea, then telling him to post the thread, IMHO. I didn’t know what the thread was going to be about until he told me to check MPSIMS for his newest thread. True, I sort of went along with it, but I didn’t really think it would be a great idea. I didn’t tell him that until later, though. If that makes me a member who’s thisclose to getting banned, then so be it. I’ll understand.

However, when it was locked by Coldfire, it was turning into something other than a posting party. This is not to say that it absolutely should have remained open. But the focus was definitely away from the post party by that point, and more onto teasing me for my posting prolificacy. (this niggling sentiment doesn’t deserve its own Pit thread, and since I’m talking about it anyways… it goes here, and I’m sorry) (this is all in my very humble opinion)

I am sorry for the first thread that I started last week; in retrospect, it was a bad idea. You live and learn, I guess. And I’m sure I would have warned Res about my opinion that the thread wasn’t a good one, IF I had known what it was going to be about. For the record, I have told him that it’s not a good idea to mark any more of my milestones on the board, or even to breathe a hint about them. Again, ('m sorry. There’s nothing more I can say, or do. :frowning:


Sigh. I’m sorry for starting the thread. The thread was a gag aimed at Flami. It’ll never happen again. :frowning:

Give her a break, people.

I am very shy. I am extremely uncomfortable around people I don’t know. I would really rather sit at home and amuse myself with my books and things than go out and try to socialize with strangers.

The SDMB gives me a way to interact with a lot of intelligent people. I can have a bracing discussion in Great Debates, have some fun in MPSIMS, or just “holler me little lungs out” in the Pit.

Yes, she has a lot of posts under her belt. Yes, they generally tend to be long, rambling things, and as many as a third are correction posts. And yes, she did set herself some posting goals.

That last thing is a bit childish, but I am not about to hold a grudge.

I may be wrong, but I think she may be using this board in the same way that I am.

I want to talk to people who might understand, but it’s really hard to do it face-to-face.

Maybe she’s trying a bit to hard, but that’s a lot better than not reaching out at all.
[sub]Please note that I din’t point any fingers.[/sub]

As many as a third?!? Yipes! :eek: Sorry guys! I didn’t realize that at all!

But thanks, Exgineer. Actually, what you said sounds true to a certain extent. You can ask the people at the Vancouver Dopefest how much I talked to them. Not much at all. But yeah, I do know what I did wasn’t the best thing to do.