do away with the post counter

How 'bout if the board just does away w/ the post counter all together? I don’t know for sure, but I think it would save a lot of wear and tear on the Hamsters.

Probably do away with a lot of ignorance as well. Reduce the traffic, speed up the board. Somewhere along the way, someone got the idea that MORE posts = More respect or something? I’m not quite sure what. Sounds contrary to several examples I could mention.

I don’t need to know what the individual count is do YOU?

BTW This was an idea expressed in a pit thread by me. Sorry, I don’t have the link.

Would it help the SDMB run smoother if the individual posts were not displayed?

Looks at the OP’s post count…

I don’t think it is a good idea, with that post count, I don’t respect this t-keela fellow. :wink:

C’mon, some of us need the petty competition! The post-counter is like an online notch in your belt, almost…

I knew that was coming… :smiley:Here’s the link I came from in the PIT.

AND it goes both ways w/respect and post counts. One of our most voracious posters this year has got to be Q.E.D. and even with his rapidly increasing post count, I have the utmost respect for the guy. He’s bright, funny and informative without being arrogant.

There’s some who are just the opposite. Sorry but I won’t mention any current members here. But perhaps some of y’all remember Justhink The guy lived at his PC and posted anything that popped into his head. There are still some who seem to get off on the fact that they posted x number of times in a day or even a single thread.

IIRC there’s a recently locked thread or TEN that were IMHO simply running for the sake of elevating post counts. This has to effect the SDMB’s ability to run efficiently.

What say you?

heh thanks for the link I was looking all over heck for the thread you said you started.

Anyway yes reg date does count. But if someone started two years ago but only posted 5 times their behavior hasn’t been as apparent as someone that’s posted 1000+ in six months.

I understand what you’re saying Dh but is it worth the thousands (WAG) of posts weekly? daily? that would be spared from the few who are trying to be at the top. If we eliminated that race, how much more efficient could the board be?

That’s why I was thinking a freeze would work well. Someone with around 1000 posts would have a history and you know if they’re the usual spammer/bad info type that they’ll have Duelists lined up to correct the info that might go unnoticed if a newbie posted it.

(that’s the first time I tried the url tag. I hope I did it right.)

If you’re looking for a measure of quality. Then why couldn’t there be a type of rating code then. A simple chart that members could rate the posts which WE could then check out or have the rating attached.
That’s just off the top of my head there. It might even inspire folks to shoot for quality instead of quantity.

Good god no. Every clique on here would be busy voting for each other while any newbie that said even the slightest stupid thing would get hammered.

There’s enough popularity/vanity threads in MPSIMS as there is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe offical warnings for bad info/jerkish behavior could be pasted into their profile (for a certain number of days) and have a ‘rating’ by the user name based off that?

No, it wouldn’t/couldn’t be like that. It’d have to be a one vote only per member per post. I don’t know, it may be a bad idea altogether. God knows I don’t have all the answers. I just thought perhaps this ending damn post race could help.

Make that last line, “…perhaps ending this damn post race could help.”

And Dh Your last idea wasn’t too bad. You posted while I was typing. There’s so many active members (I guess, I don’t really know and I’ve asked to no avail) it’d be great if there was some “unbiased” way to rate posts/members. I guess the best way is too read a lot and decide for yourself.

I’ve got a pretty good idea of “who & what” in most extreme cases. I usually just steer clear of the longwinded rants and whacks. Sometimes if I’m in a mood I’ll go off myself but not so often.

I’ve just been really concerned lately about what’s going on lately. Yesterday was a fine example. I recently participated in a futile attempt to get some kind if response from folks about helping SDMB funding. No one seemed to really care. That’s cool I guess, if we can’t do it one way, how about another.

Cut down on some of the traffic. That is supposedly why the boards get jammed up isn’t it?

I guess I’ll post this and hit the sack. See what folks have to say tomorrow. G~nite.

A middle ground may be to disable the post count being displayed alongside a post, but keep it in the poster’s profile.

I agree - some time ago, when I hadn’t been here that long some troll registered a username very similar to mine, and the only thing that really distinguished us to the admins was that my post count was in the hundreds, and his/hers was in single figures…


Yup, the middle ground is IMO the best way.
You have the post count in the profile if you need it, but it doesn’t stare you in the face.

As far as grimpixie’s concern goes, you could also have a system whereby the post count wasn’t visible to the regular members eve in the profile, but was accessible to mods and admins. But I think that it would be beneficial for the regular members to be able to see the postcount in the profile if they really needed to.

Of course, there’s always the option of slapping people upside the virtual head for posting shite.

I think this really bring up the question: Why do message boards have post-counts to begin with? Every board I’ve ever seen either counted posts or gave members a ranking based on the number of posts they have made. Why is this exactly? Is the poster’s registration date not enough?

Well, it really doesn’t bother me at all, I was just wondering if there was any real reason for it.

(Yay! One more for me!)

So I can cancel my planned 1000 posts party? :frowning:

Forcing people to look at the profile to get the post count is not the best idea. Every single time someone wants to see a post count, they’ll do the “view profile” function, which still does that outrageous Table-locking thing to find the “last post” which it displays as well. Which can greatly slow the Board down at times.

The actual recording and display of the post count requires only an extremely small amount of extra effort by the server. Some things which more effort include:

  • Searching
  • “View New Posts”
  • E-mail notification
  • Sig lookups

And removing the post count display requires a template change…you should know by now what the answer is to the SDMB doing that.

You know what would be a real way to stop the mindless post count inflation? Just remove the MPSIMS, IMHO, and Pit forums. With few exceptions, posting mindless and meaningless posts to raise ones count isn’t such an issue in the other forums.

But then, of course, in doing that you take a big step from turning a “Board Community” into a “Board”, and that would make a radical change that would destroy the SDMB as we know it.

So what else do you do? How about shunning those people who do nothing but make mindless drive-by posts? Especially the “vanity” ones (“Did someone call?”). How about telling them off in the Pit? Mass use of “Ignore”? All of these (excepting Ignore) are highly negative behaviours, which would only decrease the value of the Board. Unless they drove away the people with thousands upon thousands of mindless posts, of course.

Sometimes people speculate about how great it would be if the SDMB “got back to its roots” of GQ and the Comments on Cecils Columns and Staff Reports. I hang around in GQ more than anywhere else, and know a lot of the frequent GQ people off-board, and I do hear this spoken of more and more frequently. I don’t think there’s a good solution, as like I said earlier getting back to the “roots” would sunder the community. I think much of those comments are more driven by resentment of the times when one can honestly try for days to make a post in GQ - and if somehow the Board was fast overall, there would not be such a schism.

However, there are two “positive” solutions that I see. They take effort and can’t work right now, but in the future they could be interesting.

  • Have the post count under the profile bring up the post count on a framed page that includes a page from an advertiser that pays the Reader for each click-through. So, by definition, each checking of the post count would count as a “visit” and generate revenue.

  • If a two-tiered system is ever set up for paying Membership, it could be made visible only to paying Members.

Just two possibilities, for the future.

How about actual numbers in profiles, but for posts a category system? something like:
0 - 250: newbie
250 - 1000: rookie
1000 - 5000: veteran
5000 up : old pro

OK, those category names suck. If the idea has any merit, perhaps better minds than mine can come up with some decent names.

Something like:

0-99 posts = virgin member

100-499 = ______

500-4999 = ______

5000-9999 = ______

10,000 + = post whore :smiley:

y’all can fill in the other blanks