Mutiple repeated posts

I’ve been getting multiple repeated posts in pretty much every comment thread. There will be a comment, then comments threaded underneath that, then those same comment back up on the main comment level. Every thread. What’s wrong and how do I fix it?

That’s how the board is set up - responses show up twice. You can read the responses immediately following the post they’re responding to, or you can read them in their chronological position in the thread. Whichever you prefer.

Oh, so best bet is to not read the threaded but just read down the page?

Use whichever you prefer. But just reading down the page corresponds to how the old vBulletin system worked/looked. So if you want minimal change, just read down.

FWIW, I read down the page, not exploring the direct replies nor the sub-replies. ISTM that reflects the way our members use this thing. Most of us read the thread that way and so to understand what Bob was thinking when he wrote his reply you probably want to read what he’s replying to and all the intervening posts in time.

We’ve never been big on people who post something like “I didn’t read the whole thread and so here as post number 40-ish I’m replying directly to the OP and the first reply.” We think of that person as somebody trashing the flow of the conversation who’s almost certainly repeating what’s already been well hashed out in theo posts he/she was too self-important to read. That’s what chasing down the tree of replies leads to: posts like that. IMO that’s not really our community standard.