Annoying thread scrolling problem

For a while now (months, at least), I have been getting a weird problem where I’ll visit a thread, scroll through a dozen posts or so, and then suddenly Discourse scrolls me back up to the place where I’d started reading. And there’s an ad.

The reason it’s annoying is that I may have scrolled down 10-20 posts or so, and Discourse doesn’t know where I left off. It’s as if it wants to insert an advertisement at the place I was when I left the page, and it forcibly scrolls up there, ignoring the progress I’d made since revisiting the page.

Can I do anything about this? Can anyone? Chrome 98.0.4758.109 on Mac.

I wish I knew something to help. I did move this question to Site Feedback as it is far more likely to attract a developer.

Happens to me constantly.

Which Theme do you both use and what browsers?

Discourse Classic on Chrome and I don’t have that issue.

You can change themes on the Interface screen of Preferences.

It’s maddening. There was an older thread where I posted some videos. Nothing ever came of it. I finally had to block the ads even though I didn’t want to on one of my laptops.

ETA: Found the thread

I was on Vincent. I played around with a couple of themes. It seems like some themes have issues, and some do not.

The big difference I noticed is that the non-broken themes show ads inline with the posts, every page or so. The broken themes only seem to show the ad at the last-visited point (and they really want to scroll me back to that ad). I didn’t do any systematic observations, just enough to find something that works.