Annoying board glitch. Is there a fix?

When I’m in a forum and I click on a thread that I’ve previously visited, it takes me to the point in the thread where I last visited. Everything below that is new replies. This is great.

Then I start reading the new replies, and scrolling down. after a minute or so, it will suddenly jump back up to the point where I started scrolling from. This is really annoying, because now I have to scroll down and manually find the spot where I had read up to when the thread jumped back. If I’ve got a lot of unread replies to read through, this can happen several times before I get through them all.

If it matters, I’m using Chrome, 92.0.4515.131.

Any suggestions for a fix?

One thing I’ve noticed is that if I touch my cursor anywhere above and to the right of the scroll bar as I’m looking through threads, the board software reacts as if I had touched the scroll bar itself and jumps back to that point, apparently anticipating that I want to go back that far. Sometimes there is a ‘Back’ notation on the scroll bar indicating where I left off, but not always.

I appreciate your frustration with this feature. This has happened to me enough times that I now avoid scrolling anywhere near or to the right of the scroll bar.

I use Firefox with the Vincent interface.

For scrolling, I only ever use the wheel on my mouse. Don’t know if that matters.

I don’t know, either. I work on a laptop with a touch pad that works as a touch screen. I can “scroll” by swiping two fingers up or down on the touch pad, and that’s the most common way I scroll.

You might pay attention to where your cursor is positioned when you scroll with the wheel on your mouse and see if it makes a difference. That seems to be what triggers the behavior on my set up.

Im experiencing this too. Also using Chrome.

Watch the favicon/tab and see if it’s finished loading. I’ve seen plenty of sites where, if you start scrolling around before they finish loading, it’ll put you back where they wanted you. Though, now that I think about it, I’m not sure if that only happens if the site starts you at the beginning of the page or if it happens on sites that start you further down, like here or a link to a specific section of a wiki page.

In any case, that’s the first thing I’d check on. If there’s something going on with your internet connection or something in the page or your browser that’s causing it to take longer than expected to fully load, it could be what you’re seeing.

I also use Chrome but haven’t had this happen for a long time. When it happens to you does the Discourse scroll bar show a “Back” icon? IIRC, clicking on that would take me to where I wanted to be.

No “Back” button for me when it happens. I was thinking it had something to do with ads reloading but I was just wildly speculating without evidence.

As long as we are wildly speculating, I don’t see ads but I wonder if it has anything to do with real time updating of new posts? For example, if you have 20 posts left to read in a thread but 3 new posts are added, I wonder if that causes the jump.

Since this is about Discourse software, let’s move this to Site Feedback (from ATMB).

Happens to me too, also using Chrome on my tablet. I’m pretty good about avoiding the scroll bar area.

I’m using Chrome and it has happened to me several times in the last week or so. I also use the mouse to scroll. There is usually the “back” on the scrollbar to take me to approximately where I was. I’ll try to watch where my cursor is.

I amend my previous statement to state that I do sometimes have a back button when this happens.

That’s odd; how are you scrolling down? Pressing space? Page Down? Mousewheel? Finger-on-touchscreen?

Mousewheel for me. And I’m still having it happen.

OK. I managed to screenshot video it occurring. Jump happens around the 45 sec mark. My only activity was scrolling with mouse wheel, no mouse buttons or keyboard.

There is no back button this time, although sometimes there is.

Unlisted Youtube Video

For scrolling up/down in a thread, I only ever use my mouse’s scroll wheel. If it matters, I’m using a Windows PC.

Still happening a lot. Really aggravating now.

Something really odd is going on with that theme. Can you try the default theme? You’re missing the vertical sidebar and there’s a strange full-width thing going on that I’ve never seen before. I don’t recognize several things in that video…

I’d try setting to the default theme and see if that helps, first.

That’s weird. I thought I was running different themes on my work and non-work laptops because they look so different. But they are both set to discourse-classic.

Anyway, the same glitch happens on both laptops.