Sudden unwanted upward scrolling

I’ve observed this annoying quirk both on Firefox on a desktop computer, and in Safari on an iPad.

In longer threads (yesterday it happened in a mere 31 post thread though) I’ll be scrolling down the thread skimming / browsing it, when suddenly, for seemingly no good reason, it suddenly, quickly scrolls many posts upward. Anybody else notice this? Is is something I’m maybe inadvertently triggering-- a feature, not a bug?

Discourse sometimes jumps around. Probably especially on Firefox.

You might log the behavior in the Scrolling Jumps Around Quite a Bit thread.

I’ve noticed this on my iPhone, but assume it happens due to an unintended touch.

Thanks, I skimmed ATMB but I didn’t know there was another thread about this and didn’t think to check Site Feedback.

Futzing around with it, I get jumps on Firefox when I’m at the border of a “page load”, where Discourse has to load the next batch of posts.

Site Feedback is actually monitored by the software developers, so anything that is about Discourse itself belongs there.

I’ll move this for you.

Moved from ATMB to Site Feedback.

I’ve regularly experienced the inexplicable “jumping” when scrolling up or down in posts.

For the brief period when scrolling avatars were eliminated, so was the “jumping back” behavior. It was wonderful for a few days.

I’ve seen it in Opera too.

Hmm. Maybe that’s why I don’t experience it, since I disabled that feature. But I only did so with CSS, which should leave the actual script intact.

Anyways, if it might help, you can try downloading my user script and then going to the profile options (in the usual place) to turn off the sticky avatars. No promises it will help, but maybe.

Be sure to install TamperMonkey for your browser first if you haven’t already, or it won’t work.

(I also really need to update that script at some point.)

Thank you. I’d like to see it fixed for everyone on the Board, but if it seems like something the Discourse team is disinclined to prioritize, I’ll take you up on that!

‘It lets you reread the posts you just read! It’s a feature not a bug!’

I was only thinking as a temporary measure if it’s causing problems. I know most people like the sticky avatars.

I need to actually update the thing with the features I’ve added on my local copy before I think there’s really enough tweaks to be worthwhile, like adding an underline button, adding the years to dates, stopping Discourse from deleting quotes, and so on.

This happens on my iPhone/Safari sometimes. Only with long threads. Sometimes the “back” button appears to bring me back down and undo the scroll up, sometimes it doesn’t.

It’s annoying but doesn’t happen often enough to really bother me.

X2. At least I found out it isn’t happening only to me.

It does happen often enough to annoy me.